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Articles by Cat Johnson
Bay Area Nonprofit Transforms Businesses Into Worker-Owned Cooperatives
Cat Johnson · There's been a lot of talk about where the Baby Boomer generation will live as they age. Several interesting, sharing-based housing alternatives such cohousing and senior villages have emerged as potential options. But what about all...
5 Steps to Turn Your Business into a Worker-owned Co-op
Cat Johnson · Learn how to turn any business into a worker-owned cooperative with this checklist.
23 Food Sharing Projects That Are Disrupting Hunger
Cat Johnson · Food is one of our most basic needs. And yet, for over 800 million people, food insecurity remains a daily issue. While top-down programs that address hunger certainly exist, more efficient, immediate solutions are sometimes found on...
15 Ways To Create A Summer Of Sharing
Cat Johnson · With Summer Solstice right around the corner for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, this is the peak time to be outside, among friends, enjoying all that the season has to offer. And what better way to celebrate than by doing a...
How To Convert a Business into a Worker-owned Cooperative
Cat Johnson · Cooperatives represent a growing segment of the economy with an estimated 30,000 enterprises and 100 million members in the U.S. alone. A great way to bring democracy into the workplace, coops can be built from scratch, but they can...