Articles by Brent Cooper
The World We're Creating: Metamodern Philanthropy and Social Transformation
Brent Cooper · “…we lack an overarching narrative to connect the many smaller ones: a powerful ‘meta-narrative’ to serve as a new foundation for our shared symbol world that we are all co-authors of. This book has been written in search of such a...
The Resolution of Jordan Peterson: Truth, Lies, and Reconciliation in a Time of Chaos
Brent Cooper · This article is Part 3 in The Abs-Tract Organization’s series on Jordan B. Peterson, following from The Detraction of Jordan Peterson: Constructive Criticism to a Public Intellectual (A Critique), which was a follow-up to
The Abstract Empire of Global Capital
Brent Cooper · Nonrepresentative Democracy at the Dark Heart of Globalization
Vicious Abstraction and Systemic Racism: The Violence of False Representation and Coded Language
Brent Cooper · Abstraction comes in countless forms, but beware the vicious variety, which corrupts our thinking. A ‘vicious abstraction’ is a misrepresentation of an abstraction. You’d be amazed how far little white lies can go. Suffice it to say...