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Articles by Bill Mckibben
Bill McKibben's Response to Planet of the Humans Documentary
Bill McKibben · A Youtube video emerged on Earth Day eve making charges about me and about — namely that I was a supporter of biomass energy, and that 350 and I were beholden to corporate funding, and have misled our supporters on the costs and...
It's Climate Change That's Scary - Not Transforming the Economy
Bill McKibben · It’s very clear that conservatives have one plan for dealing with the popularity of the Green New Deal: scaring the hell out of people.
Why We Need to Keep 80 Percent of Fossil Fuels in the Ground
Bill McKibben · Life depends on it. Bill McKibben on the big changes we’ve already made in remarkably short order
Why Bernie Sanders Is The More Realistic Candidate
Bill McKibben · In the mounting, panicky attempts of elites to derail the Sanders candidacy, one strand dominates.
Why the Planet Is Happy That Bernie Sanders Is Running for President
Bill McKibben · After lunch, right about the time that Bernie Sanders was actually announcing his run for president, I went for a walk in the woods, and polled three chickadees, two wild turkeys, one vernal pool of chirping wood frogs and a random...
How Your pension is Being Used in a $6 Trillion Climate Gamble
Bill McKibben and Jeremy Leggett · Suppose you weren’t worried that we humans are destroying our water supply and eroding our ability to feed ourselves by burning coal and gas and oil and hence changing climate. Suppose you thought that was all liberal hooey. What...
The Fossil Fuel Resistance: As the world burns, a new movement to reverse climate change is emerging
Bill McKibben · It got so hot in Australia in January that the weather service had to add two new colors to its charts. A few weeks later, at the other end of the planet, new data from the CryoSat-2 satellite showed 80 percent of Arctic sea ice has...
Global Warming's Terrifying New Math
Bill McKibben · Three simple numbers that add up to global catastrophe - and that make clear who the real enemy is  If the pictures of those towering wildfires in Colorado haven't convinced you, or the size of your AC bill this summer, here are some...
Bill McKibben on the Global Warming Hoax
Bill McKibben · Please don’t sweat the 2,132 new high temperature marks in June—remember, climate change is a hoax. The first to figure this out was Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe, who in fact called it “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the...
We Can't Wait for the Politicians, We Have to Create the Future that We Need Ourselves
Bill McKibben · Very, very few people can ever say that they are in the single most important place they could possibly be, doing the single most important thing they could possibly be doing -- that's you, here, now. You are the movement that we need...