Articles by Ben Norton
US Government Admits It's Making Fake Social Media Accounts to Spread Propaganda in Cuba
Ben Norton · The United States has repeatedly accused the Russian and Iranian governments of using social media to spread “disinformation” and foment chaos. Under US government pressure...
Another Neocon Endorses Clinton, Calling Her "2016's Real Conservative" and "The Candidate of the Status Quo"
Ben Norton · Wall Street has thrown its weight behind Hillary Clinton. Some of the biggest names in the U.S. right-wing establishment have also
Occupy Activists Launch 'Battle of New York' to Counter Media Bias about Sanders and Clinton
Ben Norton · With its huge media campaign, Operation Battle of New York is taking on corporate establishment
Western Ally Saudi Arabia Sentenced a Palestinian Poet to Death for Renouncing Islam
Ben Norton · Ashraf Fayadh was sentenced to death for apostasy, joining a long list of dissidents facing capital punishment
We Created Islamic Extremism: Those Blaming Islam for ISIS Would Have Supported Osama Bin Laden in the '80s
Ben Norton · Jingoists conveniently forget the West's Cold War strategy was to arm the Islamic extremists that became al-Qaida
Terrorism Double Standards: After Paris, Let's Stop Blaming Muslims & Take a Hard Look at Ourselves
Ben Norton · We must mourn all victims. But until we look honestly at the violence we export, nothing will ever change
Ignoring the Cause of Welfare: Not Laziness but Low Wages
Ben Norton · Numerous US media outlets recently uncritically echoed a methodologically flawed report by an anti-immigration organization with ties to white supremacist groups...
Zero Refugees: Guess Which Countries Have Taken Not One of the 60 Million Fleeing War
Ben Norton · The number of people displaced by wars fuelled by the west and its allies has reached a staggering new high.
US Only Country to Oppose UN Holding Israel Accountable for War Crimes, Yet again
Ben Norton · The US was the only country in the world to oppose a resolution calling for Israel to be held accountable for war crimes, at the 29th regular session of the United Nations...
Facebook's Community Double Standards
Ben Norton · Is Facebook flirting with fascism? The question might prove difficult to answer with a resounding “yes or no,” but, to those who have been keeping track of its recent...