Articles by Bayo Akomolafe
The Surprising Nobility of Shit: a Serious Response to President Donald Trump’s ‘Shithole’ Remarks About African Immigrants
Adebayo Akomolafe · [Warning: There are some big words here. Not the best words like yours, but big words nonetheless] Bayo Akomolafe   Dear President Trump, I am Nigerian, from Nigeria, a shithole non-Norwegian type country in West Africa – widely...
Father to Son
Adebayo Akomolafe · Healing masculinity by touching its alterities
Homo Icarus: the Depreciating Value of Whiteness and the Place of Healing
Adebayo Akomolafe · In the wake of the Charlottesville incident, we must understand that the kind of work that needs to happen now, in order for racial healing to take place, will not be held by the combative punditry of CNN or be championed by the White...
How My Prejudice Redeemed Me From Believing I Was Essentially Good
Adebayo Akomolafe · The screen froze as yet another announcement crept into the cabin from the overhead speakers and through my headphones. I swore beneath my breath. For the umpteenth time, the captain spoke with that strange in-flight inaudibility and...
The Edges in the Middle
Adebayo Akomolafe · Our hope for new landscapes does not lie in the center of the circle to which everyone has turned, but beyond its circumference - in the wilds beyond our fences. The mystic will always live on the margins; the madman, twiddling with his...
An Irreverent List of Queer Resolutions for 2017
On Trump: an Open Letter to the Brokenhearted
Adebayo Akomolafe · "To those of you that care about diversity, about the environment, about the beauty of queer sexual orientations, about indigenous lands and their right to thrive, and about policing practices that have led to the deaths of many black...
We Stood on the Rock
Adebayo Akomolafe · A poem for those that fight with the Sioux, with water, at Standing Rock.
God Was Here and I Did Not Know It: Intra-Thinking and the Material Immanence of Intuition
Adebayo Akomolafe · We are in an age of spillages and fundamental breaches in the borders of things. From the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, to the ‘insurgency’ of Syrian refugees, to the surprising revelations that with the NSA the Americans spy...
The Sacred Is Awkwardly Closer Than You Think
Adebayo Akomolafe · The world doesn't stop being sacred because we start to understand it - and that's mostly because understanding is not a relation of exteriority or of final approximations, but of ongoing participation.
The Burden of the New Story
Adebayo Akomolafe · The 'new story' - that longed for milieu when all is right with the world and things are set straight - seems to be taking its sweet time coming. Why?
How We Understand the Crisis Is Part of the Crisis
Bayo Akomolafe · It was something I heard one dissident professor say when I was an undergraduate studying psychology in a Nigerian university. He didn’t quite say it; he whispered it. When the white men came, they brought us schools and the bible, he...
Dear White People. An Open Letter to White People on Becoming Indigenous
The Turning of the Whales: What If We Are Not Alone? What If the 'Others' Have Been Here All Along?
Adebayo Akomolafe · When famed New Zealander psychologist, Dr Paul Spong, was first invited by the University of British Columbia to study the sensory apparatus of killer whales at the Vancouver Aquarium, he no doubt thought his time with the cetaceans...
Bernie's Insurrection and the Question of Hillary's Qualifications
Adebayo Akomolafe · Americans don't just want a new president, they want a new precedent.
This Revolution Will Not Be Schooled
Bayo Akomolafe and Manish Jain · How We Are Collectively Improvising a 'New Story' About Learning
We Will Dance with Mountains: Writing as an Ally of Emergence
Adebayo Akomolafe · The times are urgent; let us slow down. Bayo Akomolafe calls a virtual community to gather round the prospects of a deeper revolution, a different politics of shared cultivation, as a response to the troubling challenges of our time.
The Trouble With Equality: Feminism and the Forgotten Places of Power
Adebayo Akomolafe · "...Patriarchy is not the rule of men over women, it's the rule of the binary - the insistence that there really are sides, and that each is a pre-existing category unto itself, fixed and hallowed, one superior to another."
Love Wins
Adebayo Akomolafe · What's remarkable about the decision of SCOTUS, and its well-publicized dissensions, is how it alludes to the fault-lines now showing up in language 'itself'. A deeper paradigm shift is underway.
They Sang with a Thousand Tongues: The Poetry of Diversity
Adebayo Akomolafe · Let me tell you a story about how the world began. I promise you the story is not completely false.
The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible (By Charles Eisenstein): A Review
Adebayo Akomolafe · The reader should be aware that this is not your typical review. As a world-weary academic, disillusioned by the failed promises of the ivory tower and its pretensions to inevitability, I think I know full well how reviews ought to...