Articles by Anonymous
Things That Anarchists Say to Me in Private But Never Repeat Publicly
Anonymous Anarchist · 1) “Call-out culture was developed to allow activist groups to confront leaders who abused their privilege, but now it is being used to settle petty scores on the level of interpersonal politics. I now have a hard time believing some...
"The Phone Rang. It Was My College rapist."
As told to Jen Sorensen by Anonymous · In November 2014, not long after the Bill Cosby rape allegations blew up in the news, a friend of mine reached out to tell me her own story of sexual assault and asked if I would draw a comic about her experience.
Anonymous Leaks Zuccotti Raid Footage Showing Police State Repression of OWS
Adbusters, Anonymous · We wanted a Tahrir moment, an American Spring, a new vision of the future, and they attacked us in Zuccotti Park on November 15, 2011 in the dead of the night with military precision. The surprise raid began with a media blackout. Our...
Governments are ordering Youtube to Censor Protest videos
Anonymous · #ANONYMOUS has issued a warning that governments are ordering Youtube to censor protest videos to stop populist rage from spreading.Statement below
Anonymous Anarchist Action hacktivist group founded
Anonymous · A(A)A. Anon Anarchist Action In the last few years, Anonymous has gained increasing notoriety for its action against websites, agencies and organizations that promote censorship and control. It has helped spread information and...
Anonymous Declares War On The Koch Bros.
Anonymous · Dear Citizens of the United States of America,