Articles by Andrew Butler
Break the Chain - Fortnight of Action Against Fracking Supply Chain Begins
Andrew Butler · Campaigners block access to quarry supplying material to fracking industry, calling on suppliers to 'break the chain' that enables fracking against the wishes of locals.
21St Century Bastards #Faketoys May Be the Best Thing on the Internet
Andrew Butler · In a world where some of the most unimaginable shitheads keep getting elevated to positions of authority and influence, it's gratifying to see them taken down a peg or two... or in this case, shrunk to doll-size and put in a box. 21st...
If America's First, Who's Second? Europe Trolls Trump in Hilarious Series of Videos
Andrew Butler · After Donald Trump's inauguration declaration that "from this day forward it's going to be only America first", many in Europe were left wondering if perhaps they were second. In an attempt to win favor with the new President, many...
10 Incredible Images Chart Shapes Created by Birds in Flight
Andrew Butler · Catalonian artist Xavi Bou draws his inspiration from long childhood walks with his grandfather. In his latest work, Ornitographies, individual sequential images of birds in flight are combined and layered to produce a...
#Muslimsreportstuff - the Best Thing to Come Out of Presidential Debate
Andrew Butler · During the US Presidential Debate on October 9th the candidates were asked about the consequences of Islamaphobia. Trump answered by saying “Muslims must report when they see something going on" while Clinton said American Muslims...
7 Real-Life Creatures More Magical Than Pokémon
Andrew Butler · Wherever you are, you've probably seen people glued to their phones looking for Pokémon to capture - perhaps you're a Pokémon trainer yourself? Not to take anything away from the pursuit of these virtual creatures, but it is in the real...
Introducing Anarchism With 4 Articles and 1 Film
Andrew Butler · Anarchism is often used as a synonym for chaos, but as a political philosophy it is a way of organising our society through cooperation and mutual aid, without elected leaders or hierarchy. Surely that's something we can all get behind?
UKIP Shaped the Referendum's Rhetoric - Remember That When Voting
Andrew Butler · There may well come a time when walking away from the EU is the right thing to do, but that time is not now.
How Many of These Outlaw Legends Do You Know?
Andrew Butler · There's a lot of mythology around outlaws, with some viewed as heroes and some as villains. Here are 6 legendary outlaws who you might not have head of.
Will You Vote to Leave or Remain in the European Union?
Andrew Butler · Hear arguments from both sides and then vote in our poll
In Celebration of a Beautiful Action to Shut Down the UK's Largest Opencast Coal Mine
Andrew Butler · A report on the peaceful direct action that shut down the Ffos-y-Fran coal mine in Wales
Leaked TTIP Documents Confirm Corporate Power Grab at Heart of EU/US Trade Deal
Andrew Butler · Greenpeace have leaked 248 pages of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiating texts, confirming worst fears of environmentalists and social justice activists
5 Articles Pointing the Way Toward a Post-Capitalist World
Andrew Butler · Sometimes when you are living within a system of oppression it is difficult to even see that the system exists, let alone imagine alternative ways of living and organising. Thankfully the system of capitalism, and its coke-fuelled...
Misogynist Meet-Ups Burnt by Feminist Fire
Andrew Butler · On Saturday over a hundred meetings of misogynists for "legalised rape" were planned by puke-up artist Roosh V. The push-back was fierce, immediate and completely unsurprising given that virtually no one agrees with his mad manifesto...
What Happens When Fear Wins
Andrew Butler · A dystopian warning from the future
6 Short Films for Radical Action
Andrew Butler · To create the conditions for equality and justice, to end the wanton destruction of the environment and begin the process of restoring ecosystems, we need to understand the root causes of the problems we face and strive for systemic change.
Six Incredible Female Performance Poets Spit Rhymes of Reason
Andrew Butler · 8th March is International Women's Day, to celebrate here are six incredible poems written and performed by women.
5 Short Films About the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
Andrew Butler · Twelve nations have signed a trade agreement that puts corporate profits before the needs and rights of citizens
10 Pieces of Political Graffiti You Can Recreate Yourself
5 Things You Can Do to Help Refugees Right Now
Andrew Butler · Do you despair when people fleeing war, poverty and disasters are met with hostility or indifference? Fed up with the dispassionate and downright inhumane response from governments and the media? You're not alone. Citizens of many...
Britain's Landed Elite, Backed by Money Earned Through Slavery, Are Using Migrants as Scapegoats
What's in a Name? in Some Cases a Legacy of Oppression
Andrew Butler · There is an increasing global movement to change colonial place names that refelect changing attitudes toward colonialsim and imperialism and a wish to throw off the schackles of that legacy. In India, the city of Bombay has become...
Intifada Street Brings You Revolutionary Resistance Art
Andrew Butler · For the last few years Bradford born and based artist Mohammed Hamza has been putting out some of the best revolutionary art around under the Intifada Street banner. As the name of the project would suggest, the struggles of the...
Daughter of a Mexican Migrant Has Something Beautiful to Say to Donald Trump
Andrew Butler · Donald Trump has made an entire career out of being an odious bile merchant. So it came as no surprise that during his presidential campaign announcement this little turd came plopping out of his mouth:
14 of the Fiercest Conscious Hip Hop Videos
Andrew Butler · Every age has its protest music, from blues to rock and roll, folk to punk. Today hip hop is leading the charge, challenging the staus quo and shining a light on the injustices that dominate our social landscape. There's also an...
5 Of The Best Subvertising Campaigns
Andrew Butler · Subvertising: noun, the practice of making parodies of corporate and political advertisements in order to make an alternative statement.
6 Audacious Actions to End Oil Sponsorship of the Arts
Andrew Butler · In the UK calls are growing to end sponsorship of the arts by fossil fuel companies. Members of the Art Not Oil coalition have been staging incredible interventions at institutions sponsored by oil companies, notably BP. Representing “...
Films for Action Bristol Chapter Launch
Andrew Butler · We're excited to announce that Films For Action is planting roots in Bristol. For those that are new to Films For Action, we're a local and international organisation dedicated to providing you with the information and perspectives...
Lauryn Hill Dedicates A Recording Of Her Powerful Song "Black Rage" To The People Of Missouri
Andrew Butler · Lauryn Hill has released a recording of a song she's been performing live for the last few years and has dedicated it to the people of Missouri. On her website she writes:
Everyday Rebellion Video Series: Great Tips For Activists
Andrew Butler · Everyday Rebellion is a fantastic film that premiered in Berlin in September 2014. The filmmakers also have a website full of great resources, including video blogs. Here are some of the best:
Bloodland Film Released to Support Idle No More
Andrew Butler · Idle No More is an indigenous peoples movement born in Canada. Their mission is described as follows: