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Articles by Adolph Reed
Black Politics After 2016
Adolph Reed, Jr · Many pundits and scholars have remarked on how the 2016 election reflected the significance of race in American politics. One strain of commentary to that effect contends that Trump’s election revealed a deep commitment to racism among...
How Racial Disparity Does Not Help Make Sense of Patterns of Police Violence
Adolph Reed, Jr. · Some readers will know that I’ve contended that, despite its proponents’ assertions, antiracism is not a different sort of egalitarian alternative to a class politics but is a class politics itself: the politics of a strain of the...
The Limits of Anti-Racism
Adolph Reed Jr. · Antiracism is a favorite concept on the American left these days. Of course, all good sorts want to be against racism, but what does the word mean exactly? The contemporary discourse of “antiracism” is focused much more on taxonomy...
Vote for the Lying Neoliberal Warmonger: It's Important
Adolph Reed Jr. · An explanation for why defeating Donald Trump—despite what we know about Hillary Clinton—should be the left's primary national electoral objective this November
The Battle Over Trump's Taj Mahal Is a Battle for Us All
Adolph Reed Jr. · What those striking are now bravely confronting in Atlantic City should resonate deeply with American workers, their unions, and beyond
From Jenner to Dolezal: One Trans Good, the Other Not so Much
Adolph Reed Jr. · By far the most intellectually and politically interesting thing about the recent "exposé" of Spokane, WA, NAACP activist Rachel Dolezal’s racial status is the conundrum it has posed for racial identitarians who are also committed to...