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The AbsTract: Core Philosophy, Act I


A philosophical fitness program called The Abs•Tract, based on a mystical treatise containing the core truths, inspires a student to experience massive gains in knowledge and understanding, all while getting ripped, abs. As his journey goes from the trivial pursuit of abs to profound abstract revelation, the program is revealed to be an underground plant-powered mystery school, dedicated to saving the world through freethought and satire.



"The Abs•Tract" was great; a sharp, wildly imaginative work of satire... made to look like an infomercial for the “philosophical fitness program” of the title... Based “on a mystical treatise containing the core truths,” the Abs•Tract promises “massive gains in knowledge and understanding, all while getting ripped abs... It's like watching an early Cronenberg short, but primed for our post-digital nightmare world and then filtered through Philip Dick, Godel Escher and Bach, and maybe the Church of the SubGenius. It’s heady stuff..."

Adrian Mack (Film reviewer, The Georgia Straight)


"I'm not sure where the guys from Abs-Tract got their hands on the amount of mushrooms and cocaine needed to supply this project, but the end result is as hilarious as it is trippy... The videos are short, well shot and clever, and firmly embrace the surreal edge of modern comedy."

Kyle Price-Livingston (Webvee Guide review)


"It’s quite extraordinary, actually. Very avant-garde. I especially like some of the wordplay. However, I can see how festivals might (incorrectly) view it as a 30-minute satirical infomercial. But you should be applauded for taking such a creative risk in terms of form, format, and structure."

• Nathaniel Lyman (Entertainment Lawyer)


"This provocative and engaging presentation captured many core principles pertinent to the process of Self OverComing. Speaking as a man who regained his hard, flat gut in his sixties I resonate with many of the concepts delineated here. Believe me. The proof is in the pudding."

• John Margesson (Philosophy buff, age 62)


"I'm watching this and the play between philosophy, absolute nonsense, and fitness is a riot. Not sure what your background is but 'paralysis by analysis' is brilliant."

• Elizabeth Sheldon (Producer)


“The Abs•Tract provides you with the tools you need to be a savant with a six-pack — but it comes with a deeper message.”

• The Ubyssey (UBC student newspaper)
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