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ROLLBACKS, an Assault Against Life on Earth From Old Dog Documentaries

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We agree with the scientists, and many others around the world, that our most important collective concern is to address the climate crisis. NOW.

Share this film in your home and in your community and help spread the message to save our Earth.

What people are saying:

Thank you for combining these climate rollbacks in one short film. Even though I am aware of this, seeing it all together has a greater impact. I don't understand how some can deny it! - Pat Phillips, Executive Director, WordNet Productions

I have just watched Rollbacks. It is very powerful, well put together and extremely moving. I am speechless. I hope it circulates the globe. - Wayne Gradon, Casa Cornelia Immigrant Law Center

Yours is a beautifully crafted documentary of such power that it should inspire anyone who sees it to do whatever it takes to keep that ball from rolling any closer to the top of the hill.  Your film puts the average citizen in a quandary because we (read "I") don't know what to do; it seems a crisis with no political solution.  Maybe State by State and industry taking a realistic look at the future?? I will go now to your website to see what your ‘take Action’ page suggests. - Suzanne WootenShakespeare scholar, Teacher