The Edge of Nature by Josh Fox (trailer)

Josh Fox and the creators of GASLAND, HOW TO LET GO OF THE WORLD AND LOVE ALL THE THINGS CLIMATE CAN'T CHANGE and AWAKE, A DREAM FROM STANDING ROCK premieres his most personal film yet.

Grappling with Long Covid during the first 9 months of the lockdowns known as the "Antrhopause" nature rebounds as the earth heals. Josh seeks to heal himself in the forest and discover the origin of the idea of "nature."

The first 9 months of #covid was the only time in human history that we actually reduced emissions enough to make our climate change goals. The film is a deep philosophical dive into Western colonialism, genocide, the holocaust and the destruction of ecosystems worldwide.

The Edge of Nature teaches us that we cannot heal ourselves without healing the planet and we cannot heal the planet unless we heal ourselves.

If you can, please donate to help finish the film here:

Premiering at Byron Bay Film Festival in October 2023. Look for further screenings all over the world!
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