ATLAS - An Artist's Journey To Draw Attention (2022)

Produced by Fishbulb Films, ATLAS follows ocean wildlife artist Olivier Leger as he embarks on his latest painting ‘Atlas’.

Just as the weight of the world was on the Titan Atlas' back, so too Olivier is feeling the pressure. Join him as he grapples with environmentalism, the pressures of being eco-conscious, and whether art can inspire change... We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments, so please leave a comment below or get in touch! The whole team would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who in involved in this short documentary. This is hopefully, just the beginning…

Director - Duncan MacLeod

Featuring - Olivier Leger

Camera & Sound - Dan Flanders & Francesa Costa

Score - 'Adrift' (Album) & 'The Long Night' - Peter Flint

'Song of the Sea' - Martha Bean

Animation - Miriam Bean

Editor - Duncan MacLeod

Sound Design - Dan Flanders

@Fishbulb Films Special

Thanks To - Lucie Chapman, Sock Gallery Rebecca Hardy, The Harley Gallery and Foundation, Sharon Brown Melbourne, Festival Art & Architecture Trail

Discover Oli’s artwork and follow his journey as he creates ‘Atlas’ at

Instagram: @fishbulbfilms @olivier_leger

Facebook: @fishbulbfilms @olivierlegerart

Twitter: @FishbulbFilms @O_leger
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