Pig Business In Northern Ireland (2018)

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Pig Business in Northern Ireland exposes the rapid expansion of mega pig factory units in Northern Ireland and the devastating impacts on human health, protected habitats & animal welfare.

The largest proposed industrial pig production units are destined to be built in the beautifully picturesque landscapes of Northern Ireland. These pig factories will house around 20,000 pigs at any one time. This film has revealed the real horrors of what is about to be inflicted on a massive scale in Northern Ireland.

Frighteningly the proposed mega pig factory in Limavady will bring the total number of pigs to slaughter in Northern Ireland to 1.3 million, each year. To put that into context the human population of Northern Ireland is 1.85 million. So the number of pigs slaughtered each year is the equivalent of nearly three quarters of our population of people!

People living near existing pig farms in Northern Ireland are already suffering from the stench of spreading hundreds of thousands of tons of slurry. As well as it being extremely unpleasant and antisocial for locals living nearby, the slurry is also a toxic brew of allergens, fungi, viruses, and bacteria that is antibiotic resistant and can spread for miles around, posing a catastrophic threat to the health of the general public. This film really will be a must see for everyone!

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