Aug 24, 2017

This Comic Shows The Importance of Overcoming Your Fears to Achieve Your Dreams

By Gavin Aung Than /

This comic originally appeared exclusively in my second Zen Pencils book collection (available from all good retailers!) in 2015. I really enjoy writing these fun poems and wanted to do something special for the book. It features characters long-time readers would be familiar with, but just in case you’re not, here are their original appearances:

Ballet Boy Full-Body Education
Rising Phoenix Ask Yourself
Comedian Great People Do Things Before They’re Ready
Guitarist The Calling
Mum the painter A Lifetime of Learning

I thought I’d post it on the website as I’m currently working on the NEW Zen Pencilsbook collection and I’m not sure when I’ll be posting new work. I’m really excited about the new collection and I’ll tell you more about it in the upcoming months. Thanks for your patience!


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