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Give Women Their Share

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Despite significant economic and social progress, India is still host to deep gender inequalities due to the unjustifiable patriarchal social norms and practices that fundamentally value a woman as a lesser mortal than man.

Among the many factors that determine and perpetuate these norms and practices, ownership and management of property is the key one that defines social status, dignity, relations of power and domination. In both rural and urban settings, land and house remains the primary properties that shape the equations of power between men and women irrespective of their caste, class and creed.

Oxfam India is demanding a shift in community attitudes towards women’s land rights. Through our campaign we want to question the silent assumptions both men and women make about property rights in India. We want to inspire push men to give their daughters and wives their property rights, and encourage women to claim the rights due to them under law.

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Produced by OXFAM India 

A film by Jamun

Director: Ayesha Sood

Producer: Udayan Baijal

DOP: Divakar Mani

Writers: Isha Singh Sawhney & Ankur Tewari

Music By:

Grain -[]

Ankur Tewari - []

Colourist: Sajid Akbar

Casting: Sanjeev Maurya

A special thank you to Shilpa Shukla for her voice.