Anthropogenic Man: A Documentary on the Human Predicament (2022)


In this program, the filmmakers share insights from some leading voices on our human predicament, that being the conflict between our current economic paradigm which demands infinite growth to avoid collapsing and the living biosphere, which is going to collapse if we don't stop growing and move to a 'steady-state' or 'degrowth' economy. 

They look at our recent past, where we are now, and share some ways we can lead a more sustainable and resilient life, while consuming less.

The film is set at the Gray Duck Theater in Rochester MN, for a 2022 Earthday event. The event features pre-recorded videos from Dennis Meadows regarding the Limits To Growth and Rob Hopkins describing the Transition Towns organization, and a live presentation by Nate Hagens. In addition, they take a look at Nate's video on The Great Simplification.

*Note- Nate Hagens stated that "the US oil decline rate would be ~40% in the first year if we stopped drilling." However, the film incorrectly states it would be 40% the next year and the year after that. Instead, it would be 44% the first year and 26%, 23% and 15% in the following years.

Ivan Idso

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