Mar 12, 2020

Human Beings and Nature

By Ebrajm /
Human Beings and Nature
Nature (Symbols of the Spiritual Teaching by Billy Eduard Albert Meier,

Human beings throughout the Universe must live in harmony with nature. That is to say that a given human race anywhere in the Universe must live in the correct balance with their home planet. They must live in such a way as to care for their home planet by not destroying it, by looking after all lifeforms that also live there, & by respecting the seasons & cycles of the natural world.

The first obvious rule of thumb, which should be crystal clear to anybody with half a brain, is that every life-harbouring planet of every size and kind has its natural limits. Every plant & animal community evolves over countless eons, developing ever more complex forms & relationships, all within the natural limits of the planet itself. That is to say, that no individual species over-exploits its surroundings, & lives in balance with all other species. If this weren't true then there wouldn't be such dazzlingly complex & diverse communities of lifeforms all living in harmony in a given area or region like for example in the great rainforests of the tropics or the coral reefs of the oceans and so on.

Why then, I hear you ask, do we human beings totally ignore this law? The truth is that the human lifeform (OMEDAM = human genus throughout the Universe; see the book Genesis by Billy Eduard Albert Meier, is equipped with a conscious consciousness; a thinking consciousness with which we can align ourselves with the natural order, or not.

If we choose to align ourselves with the creational-natural order then generally our lives will go well; we will live in peace with nature  & each other & all life, & we will develop higher on the path of our consciousness evolution.

If on the other hand we do not live in harmony with nature & its order, our lives will be full of misery, suffering, & privation; we will destroy our fellow lifeforms & our home planet, there will be war, conflict & strife and we won't last long as a species.

This is the law of cause & effect and it is universally valid for all-great-times.

Animals & plants though, are unable to deviate from the balance of nature on account of their consciousness forms. Plants have an impulse consciousness & animals an instinct consciousness.

In other words, the world of Flora and Fauna lives in perfect creational balance, order & harmony & evolves into evermore complex & diverse ecosystems.

Human beings must relearn this natural way of life & evolution. We must realize the natural balance of life & restore peace & harmony on Earth. Then we will flourish & soar to truly unimaginable heights in our spiritual-consciousness-evolution.


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