Mar 17, 2020


By Ebrajm /
Symbols Of The Spiritual Teaching By BEAM,

So many people today are all too willing to give their power away and put all of their responsibility and trust onto somebody else; authority figures of all kinds, governments, popes, priests and bishops, politicians, scientists, "experts", and even gods, godesses, angels and demons and every other possible and impossible thing.

Even the moon, the sun, special amulets or tarot cards and so on are given more authority than the individual's very own self -trust, self -esteem and self-responsibility. Instead of turning our attention inwards and using our reason, understanding, and logic, as well as our intuition, knowledge and wisdom, we'd much rather push the responsibility outside of ourselves and wait for the "experts" to solve our problems.

Particularly the blind belief in scientists and other "experts"with degrees, status, financial success, lofty titles, ranks, and positions etc. is very common in these times. Just because someone has a degree in stupidology it doesn't mean that they have any kind of intelligence! However it is often exactly these people who are praised the most and fanned and fed grapes as if they were the gods themselves!

It is, in fact, the blind and narrow-minded following of science which has led humanity into the deepest spiritual poverty and to the edge of a great Abyss. Corporate capitalism, excessive consumerism, materialism and other cold, hard ideologies of our times have emerged from this deep spiritual poverty and have caused, and continue to cause the destruction of Nature and the pollution of the air, soil, and water.

Also the authoritarian and psychopathic religious and political institutions have a lot to answer for when it comes to leading humanity astray and forcefully and violently eradicating cultures and ways of life that were indeed good and right and in balance with Nature and the Creation. However, as this natural, healthy and spiritually progressive way of life got in the way of the power and domination plans of the psychopathic rulers, they were wiped-out or indoctrinated into accepting the new "more civilized" way of life, or as it could more accurately be described, way of death and ruin.

Human of Earth, think about this. Use your awareness and intelligence to look around...... What do you see? How does it make you feel? Is this truly the best that we can do?

The truth is: Absolutely not!

We must strive towards more harmony, more love, peace and true freedom, not just empty words and phrases. Use your intelligence! Learn again to trust your own inner self and take responsibilty for your own thoughts, feelings, and actions and the life that you build out of these.

Homo sapiens: Wise human. 

Lets stop this non-sense and start living up to our name!

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