Mar 13, 2020

The Spiritual Teaching

The Teaching Of Life, The Teaching Truth, The Teaching Of The Creation Universal Consciousness
By Ebrajm /
The Spiritual Teaching
Spiritual Teaching Symbol From The Book Symbols Of The Spiritual Teachings By Billy Eduard Albert Meier,

The true Spiritual Teaching is the teaching of Life, the teaching of Truth, the teaching of the Creation-Universal-Consciousness.

It can be recognized in reality,

in the Natural and cosmic order all around us and within ourselves;

deep within ourselves in the realm of the Spirit-form and the Consciousness.


The Spirit-form that enlivens us is our true innermost self.

It is a fragment of the Creation-Universal-Consciousness itself;

the great spiritual-energetic-life-force-intelligence that is our Universe.


Wise teachers and heralds of every time throughout history have always realized fundamental creational-natural principles and have made countless attempts to inform and educate the masses of humanity.

However they often came up against aversion and even aggression in the face of the people and their unwillingness to learn about the truth and the Creational-Natural laws and directives.


Today is no different;

even with a wise herald in our midst, we still slander, attack & ridicule and are unwilling as ever to learn and change our erroneous ways.

The Earth would truly be a blossoming garden of peace if we were to listen to and heed the advice and teachings of the wise heralds.

These are the guardians of the true Spiritual Teaching and beacons of light in the darkness of our ignorance.


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