The Cancel God


A short film based on a concept by Peter Limberg and Lubomir Arsov.

Full story here:

"Darkness hovers above us. You can feel it, but you cannot see it. You feel it in your office, your classroom, your social media feed. You even feel it in your body, which shudders with fear at the thought of speaking what you believe to be true. A God has been summoned. The Cancel God. The Cancel God wants to cancel you. It wants to cancel everyone you know,. It wants to cancel humanity itself. So be a good boy. Be a good girl. Say the right things at the right time and in the right way. Be very careful not to offend because you are now inherently offensive. Delete your old comments, your old threads, your old self. Get on your knees and start to apologise and apologise. And apologise and apologise." - Peter Limberg, 'The Cancel God'.

Check out Peter's Stoa project:

Check out Peter's daily meditations:

Check out Lubomir's "In-Shadow" animation:

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