LAST CALL! (2022)

"Last Call!" is a cinematic examination of the question of who determines our future. The filmmakers Esther Petsche and Samuel Schlaefli accompany climate activists, climate researchers and artists during the historic UN climate conference "COP26" in Glasgow and document how they campaign for a strong global climate treaty with different means. In particular, young people from all over the world gathered in Glasgow in November 2021 despite the rain and cold to protest for just and far-reaching climate policies. The film features key voices in the current discourse on the climate crisis, including activists from Fridays for Future and Extinction Rebellion, climate researchers and a lead author of the latest IPCC report, as well as Maina Talia, official negotiating delegate from the Pacific Island of Tuvalu. 

The frustration in civil society about insufficient and incremental political measures in the face of a global environmental crisis is enormous. And the determination to fight it with all peaceful means necessary is just as great. But the resistance is huge. Over 500 lobbyists from coal, oil and gas industries have accredited themselves for the conference. They even outnumber the representations of eight countries that were most affected by the climate crisis in the last 20 years. Meanwhile, in the "Green Zone" of COP26, industry is presenting its "solutions": Electrified racing and off-road cars, "sustainable" private aircraft from Rolls-Royce, energy companies that invest in wind farms but continue to stick to fossil gas, and fusion reactors for "green" nuclear energy. "Greenwashing" is omnipresent in Glasgow and committed actors from civil society haven taken it upon themselves to vociferously fight against false solutions. They follow the science and demand fundamental social, economic, and technological change to limit global warming to 1.5°C, and thus avert the worst consequences of a climate catastrophe. Will the course for this transformation be set in Glasgow? And will demands of young people for a future for all on a healthy planet be heard by politicians?


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Produced and directed by
Samuel Schlaefli and Esther Petsche  
Research | Concept | Writing
Samuel Schlaefli

Camera | Editing | Postproduction
Esther Petsche

Samuel Schlaefli

Audio Postproduction | Music 
Barnaby Hall 

Special thanks for financial support
Fonds Werkraum Warteck pp
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