The Big FAT Lie (2018) ($5)


"In what is becoming a field of near-identical documentaries featuring similar experts, research, and opinion, Grant Dixon’s film stands apart with its unique, homegrown feel. His in-depth exploration of the whys and wherefores behind his own health scare introduces us to the diverse personalities leading the plant-based movement in our corner of the world. Any New Zealander with heart disease, or who is simply interested in the future health of our nation, needs to see this film. I enjoyed it more than ‘What the Health’.” Dr. Luke Wilson, Wellington.

"A great piece of 'Kiwiana'! A personal journey about the power of plant based nutrition to heal chronic disease, and a gentle humourous yet provocative look at why patients in NZ arent told about this. A must see. I would love this to be playing continuously in waiting rooms!" - Dr Martyn Williamson, Alexandra

“This is a really good doco for anyone interested in their health and what is going on with the health and food industries in New Zealand. Whether you are already on a plant-based journey or thinking about improving your health and reducing your footprint. Any kiwi can relate to Grant's story and journey.” - Brain Berneman, Conscious Action.

"This is New Zealand's equivalent of 'What the Health ' documentary ... an eye-opening exploration of how the current rise of chronic disease relates to the degredation of our diet and how changing our food choices could be the answer to restoring individual and community health. Nicely told through one mans experience - must see for all Kiwis!" - Liz Williamson, Dental Practitioner

At age 58 Grant is rushed to hospital with a heart attack. This documentary tells his story of discovering how a Whole Foods Plant Based diet could turn his life around, and his journey to find out why the Ministry of Health hadn’t warned him about the real dangers of fat in his diet. Grant also seeks interviews with the Heart Foundation, the Cancer Society, Fonterra and Beef+Lamb.

In the course of his journey Grant interviews 6 professors, 9 doctors and numerous health business specialists, plus shares case studies where people are delivered from; heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer and gastrointestinal diseases.

This film confronts the established medical institutions’ sole reliance on medications and surgery, while ignoring the now clearly demonstrated health benefits of a Whole Foods Plant Based lifestyle.

Grant uses wry humour and grandchild snippets to illustrate when on his mission to not only show that animal products, processed foods and oils cause severe harm, but a Plant Based lifestyle rewards with disease free and active health.
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