Gang Motor IMUT - Small Is Beautiful Project


Gang Motor IMUT (GMI) are not your average motorcycle gang.

They are a community of activists, inventors, engineers and educators from Kupang, a city in Nusa Tenggara Timur, East Indonesia. GMI create and distribute appropriate technologies to small farmers in the hope of transforming small scale organic farms and creating a shift in Indonesia back to sustainable agriculture. They took us to the island of Semau, a half an hour boat ride from Kupang, to meet with farmers there and see the impact of their technologies.

A simple pump sprinkler system made of cheap and easily accessible materials has reduced Alfons' labour time by 50% and at the same time increased his yields. GMI use the proceeds of sales to fund sustainable agriculture programs in the local juvenile detention centre.

Watch the film and be inspired by GMI's commitment to their community and their vision for sustainable agriculture!

This is the third installment in a series of little films about big change-makers by Small is Beautiful Project. You can follow us on Facebook here:

Music: Alright Lover, Furukawa

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