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Essays from the Heart: Emergence from Within (2018)

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A short film capturing one woman's journey of seeking freedom and happiness in today's world.  

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Originally from working-class Britain, and moving towards the American dream, the filmmaker sees the distorted narratives of the given world and begins to discover the power of doing her inner work. With no real desire to escape into any extreme, she moves towards embracing both the spiritual and physical aspects of life and integrating them as one lived experience. By combining her personal journey with interviewee insights and understandings, the filmmaker offers a piece of work that contributes to the sacred and conscious evolution of humanity.

Featuring: Anjula Ram, Howard Martin, Lord Richard Layard, Itai Ivtzan, Sister Jenna, Fred Luskin, Gopi Kallayil, and Sister Veronica. 

Anjula is in production with her second film ESSAYS FROM  THE HEART: DANCING WITH BEAUTY. As she approaches the age of forty, she is now exploring what it means to be a truly beautiful woman in today's world. The film is currently funded out of pocket, and is participated in and supported by those who feel resonant with her and the topic.



“A very personal and deeply touching journey into one woman’s emergence and quest for deeper understanding in this rapidly changing world. This film touched me deeply and drew me deep into Anjula’s world of self-discovery. It speaks to all of us who are awakening at this time… and I want to see more from this rising filmmaker and continue the journey with her.”  - Nikki Williams – Producer/Director of Time of the Sixth Sun.

"A wonderful and personal exploration of self, and how we fit into the modern world around us. From a diverse range of backgrounds, experts discuss the challenge of navigating a new world of technology and fast-paced social interaction. The power of meditation, acceptance of self, and truly living each moment with awareness are gifts to the viewer that will open minds and help find inner peace." - Grant Brown - Founder, Happy Eco News.

“Anjula Ram presents here a very intimate portrait of her awakening, realising her divinity and grace. The beauty reflected in this movie is so inspiring and stirs up a wholehearted yes to join the Real!” - Wim Haverkamp - Healer, Awakening Teacher, Artist.

“Anjula Ram's lyrical short film recreates her path as she searches for and finds wholeness and holiness. Leaves one longing for more Anjula Ram movies.” - Susun Weed - Shaman, Herbalist, Grandmother.
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