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Power 2 the People
Produced by Afristar Foundation and Directed by FixerFilm, Power to the People is a documentary showcasing alternative energy and appropriate technology applications in South Africa. The film focuses both on low-tech, small-scale solutions implemented on household and...
The Outdoor Classroom: How to Bring a Permaculture Garden to Your School
This Afristar ( produced educational documentary offers step-by-step instructions on how to establish a permaculture garden at a school. 
Tribes on the Edge
Tribes on the Edge follows Céline Cousteau as she returns to the Brazilian Amazon after a fateful email from Beto of the Marúbo tribe beckons her back to help tell his people’s story. 
Food, Inc. 2
In Food, Inc. 2, the sequel to the 2008 Oscar®-nominated and Emmy®-award winning documentary, Food, Inc., filmmakers Robert Kenner and Melissa Robledo reunite with investigative authors Michael Pollan (The Omnivore’s Dilemma) and Eric Schlosser (Fast Food Nation) to take a...
SiDiKi: Celebrating the Healing Powers of Music & Dance
SiDiKi is an inspiring feature-length documentary about legendary Guinean dancer Sidiki Conde, a man who--despite his physical limitations--found peace in dancing and guiding others toward the same healing. This film will change the way you view those labeled as disabled.
Britain's Ultra Nationalists
The Far Right is on the march. With an uncertain future before us, Britain’s political landscape is unstable, and violence is on the rise. The combination of Brexit and Donald Trump’s presidency has empowered the Ultra Nationalist cause, leaving communities more divided than...
Israel: Above the law?
A look into how and why international laws and principles are being applied and ignored in the Israel-Gaza conflict. 
Resilience: What Makes the Soul Strong
Around one billion people struggle with stress-related illness globally - and that figure is rising. What protects those with good mental health? Is their resilience innate? Or is the ability to withstand chronic stress and crisis something that can be learned? In the search...
October 7 | Al Jazeera Investigations
Hamas’s incursion into Israel on October 7 transformed the politics of the Middle East. Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit (I-Unit) has carried out a forensic analysis of the events of that day – examining seven hours of footage from CCTV, dashcams, personal phones and headcams...
The Stones Cry Out: The Story Of Palestinian Christians
In 1948 the history of Palestine changed forever, but little is ever said about the upheaval faced by its Christian minority. Christians have lived side by side with Muslims and Jews for almost two thousand years. An integral part of Palestinian society, they have shared in...
In The Eye Of The Storm: The Political Odyssey Of Yanis Varoufakis
'In the Eye of the Storm' is a six-part documentary series about the dramatic journey and inspiring vision of one of the foremost political figures of our age, the maverick Greek economist Yanis Varoufakis.
The First 54 Years: An Abbreviated Manual for Military Occupation
How to succeed in an occupation for at least 54 years? Avi Mograbi, director and narrator, builds the handbook of the perfect occupier based on testimonies from Israeli soldiers and archive footage. 
Walk With Me: A Journey into Mindfulness
Directed by Marc J Francis & Max Pugh, ‘Walk With Me’ is a cinematic and immersive exploration into the world-famous monastery of Zen Buddhist master Thich Nhat Hanh. 
The Amazon Changers - Cook to Empower
The film team follows an extraordinary project for peace and empowerment – a ferry with a cooking school for indigenous communities on the Rio Napo in the heart of Ecuador’s Amazon forest. The goal of the film's main protagonist David Höner, founder of the Swiss NGO «Cuisine...
"Last Call!" is a cinematic examination of the question of who determines our future. The filmmakers Esther Petsche and Samuel Schlaefli accompany climate activists, climate researchers and artists during the historic UN climate conference "COP26" in Glasgow and document how...
Frontier: The Story of the First Americans
Having survived centuries of genocide, Native Americans are now on the frontlines of the final struggle for planetary survival. This film tells the untold story of history's deadliest holocaust, and of an enduring resistance to colonial domination.
The Sanctuary
Recounting his love of the water, Ray Lewis, OAM, snorkels among the vibrant sea life of the marine sanctuary he has worked to protect. Written, Produced and Directed by Tim Brown and Michael Portway Editor and Sound Design | Tim Brown Colorist | Michael Portway Awards...
Edward Said: The Myth Of The Clash Of Civilizations
Legendary scholar-activist Edward Said delivers a powerful lecture dismantling the persistent ideological belief that the world is riven by a clash of civilizations between the civilized and enlightened U.S.-led West and the barbaric and backward-looking totalitarian forces...
Complicit: The Dark Realities of China's Electronics Industry
Official reports state that a worker falls victim to toxic chemical poisoning in the manufacturing process every five hours, though the actual toll is suspected to be much higher. Captured discreetly over a span of three years, 'Complicit' chronicles the journey of Yi Yeting...
The Settlers
An intimate look at life inside the Jewish settlements in the West Bank. 
Edward Said: On Orientalism
In this 1998 film based on his paradigm-shifting book, Edward Said excavates and deconstructs deeply rooted Western perceptions of the Middle East as a mysterious land of exotics, villains, and terrorists, and argues that this caricatured cultural heritage continues to blind...
Ecosophia: Ecological Wisdom
Ecosophia means ecological wisdom in Greek and this documentary explores the meta-crisis and interrelation between energy, the laws of thermodynamics, the economy, resources, exponential growth, climate change, population, psychology and degrowth solutions.
The Medicated Child
FRONTLINE investigated how a growing number of young children were being prescribed powerful antipsychotic medications that had serious side effects and unknown long-term impacts at the time.
Constructing The Terrorist Threat
In this illustrated 2017 talk, Rutgers University media scholar Deepa Kumar, one of America's foremost experts on Islamophobia, looks at how Arabs and Muslims have become the predominant face of terror in U.S. news and entertainment media -- even though terror attacks by...
The Vertical Border
Millions of people worldwide are being uprooted from their homes and communities. Central Americans are fleeing from economic precarity, climate disaster as well as state and criminal violence. Most head towards Mexico and the United States in search of a livable life. The...
The Wild: How Do You Save What You Love?
Award-winning documentary, The Wild is a race against time. “Newly into addiction recovery, an urgent threat emerges to spur fisherman/filmmaker, Mark Titus back to the wilds of Alaska, where the people of Bristol Bay and its storied wild salmon runs face devastation if a...
I'm a Rhino
Elliot’s had a frightful epiphany: there are fewer rhinos left in the world than students at his university. So he’s become one, and set out single-minded to save them.
Ukraine 5.6
Ukraine 5.6 is a reflection on war and resilience based on testimonies of Ukraine war survivors. The documentary is a highly emotional tale of grief and survival against all odds. The narrative arc is from darkness to light, from a grave digger at work in a cemetery to an...
Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade
Shadow World reveals the shocking realities of the global arms trade – the only business that counts its profits in billions and its losses in human lives.
Blood Lions: Bred for the Bullet
Blood Lions, an award-winning documentary exposes the terrible truth behind the cub petting, predator breeding, canned lion hunting and lion bone industries in South Africa.
Roadmap to Apartheid | From South Africa to Israel
With a comparison between apartheid South Africa and the Israel/Palestine conflict, this documentary traces the future of one conflict from the past of another. Weaving the history of apartheid into the complex issues facing Israelis and Palestinians, it highlights the...
Harambe’s death shattered the illusion of safety within the walls of captivity. After a toddler fell into his enclosure 7 years ago, through no fault of his own, Harambe was met with a single shot to his head. His violent death sparked a massive public outcry. As his story...
The White Hole in Time | Peter Russel
In this video Peter Russell proposes that we stand on the threshold of a major leap in evolution, as significant as the emergence of life itself, and the essence of this leap is inner spiritual development. Moreover, he maintains that it is only through such a shift in...
Boomerang: Empire and Britain's Economy
Empire not only made the colonies. It made the unequal Britain we see today.
America Lost
America Lost is a documentary triptych that explores life in three of America’s “forgotten cities”—Youngstown, Ohio, Memphis, Tennessee, and Stockton, California. The film shows the dramatic decline of the American interior through a mosaic of stories including an...
The Amazing Community Making Beautiful Compost from City Food Waste | Ben & bEartha
'Ben & bEartha: A Community's Compost Love Story' is a free 40-minute sustainability documentary following the highs and lows of a passionate community as they attempt to tackle the issue of food waste going to landfill. Their solution? A composting machine called bEartha and...
Separated Interbeings | Volume 2
Separated Interbeings is a film collage of our diverse and complex world caught on camera, creatively put together to open deeper perspectives and insights on the world we live in.
What can one person do? What can a group of people do? What do we want to leave behind? In the film "Imprint" we visit 13 projects in 13 different places where committed groups work for a vibrant future. A personal and poetic depiction of what it means to be fully human in...
Awakening of the Soil (Toprağın Uyanışı)
"Awakening of the Soil" is a compelling 42-minute documentary that follows the transformative journey of Barbaros, a skeptical farmer from Edirne, Turkey as he discovers the world of regenerative agriculture with the guidance of his friend, Begonia. Together, they embark on a...
Hackers for Freedom
"Hackers for Freedom", this 55-minute long documentary takes us to meet with those who, from India to the United States via Europe, are experimenting with the emancipation tools of "free software" in order to bring concrete solutions in a multitude of fields in which...
Separated Interbeings | Volume 1
"One of the best things you'll (n)ever see." Separated Interbeings is a film collage of our diverse and complex world caught on camera, creatively put together to open deeper perspectives and insights on the world we live in.
Growing Solutions: Soil, Water, Farmers, Seeds, Roots
In the face of threats to our farming future such as climate change, people are innovating to protect and regenerate our most vital resources – soil, water, seeds, and our farmer workforce. Growing Solutions features a centuries-old water conservation method, a farmer who’s...
Why Andrew Tate & The Red Pill Seem Irresistible to So Many Men
Male loneliness has been on the rise for the last several decades. With changing gender roles and men lost on how to live up to classical ideas of masculinities, Andrew Tate and The Red Pill Grift fill the vacuum to offer solutions to lonely young men.
When Social Control Masquerades as Social Justice
When ideas and movements that threaten to overturn established hierarchies of power are absorbed into elite institutions like Ivy League universities and for-profit corporations, they get transformed into ideas that support the status quo, while remaining cloaked in the...
The Commons: Reclaiming What Is Ours
The Commons is a documentary film about communities re-asserting sustainable futures using consensus, equity and shared resources – ancient Commons principles. The film shares the increasing privatization and destruction of commons, primarily in the United States.  It also...
Guardians of the Earth: A Film about the Paris Agreement
Twenty thousand worldwide negotiators meet at a private airport shielded by the military in the north of Paris for a last attempt to save our planet from climate change. Behind closed doors, these delegates have to negotiate on the first global climate change agreement by the...
In The Starlight
During the darkest hours of the night, while the rest of the world is sleeping, outdoor photographer Paul Zizka ventures out into the wilderness in search of the world’s starriest skies. His journey to photograph the celestial wonders takes him from his home amongst the peaks...
The Bentley Effect
When the coal seam gas industry staked a claim on the Northern Rivers region of Australia, alarm bells rang out. Thousands of people from all walks of life organised themselves to rally against the unconventional gas invasion. But despite the enormous public opposition, the...
A poem for the planet, Metamorphosis captures the true scale of the global environmental crisis. Forest fires consume communities, species vanish, and entire ecosystems collapse. But this crisis is also an opportunity for transformation. Through a tidal flow of stunning...
Love Thy Nature
Narrated by Liam Neeson, Love Thy Nature points to how deeply we’ve lost touch with nature – and takes us on a mesmerizing cinematic journey through the beauty and intimacy of our relationship with the natural world.
Connectivity Project
By exploring the ripple effects of our actions in an interconnected world, CONNECTIVITY PROJECT highlights how science and different cultures and traditions from around the world embrace the importance of interconnectedness. As we follow inspiring individuals who are making a...
Seeding Change: The Power of Conscious Commerce
20 years ago, a young group of social entrepreneurs started a company to sustainably harvest açaí berries in the Brazilian Amazon. They joined a movement of purpose-driven companies looking to change the world through an alternative economic model. These "triple bottom line"...
Rollbacks: An Assault Against Life on Earth
We are in the midst of a climate crisis. It is imperative we understand what this means and what we can do to reverse the damage. BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.
Trans Kashmir
Once entertainers and employees of the royal courts, they were believed to have mystical powers. Today they fight for dignity in life and death. Trans Kashmir is a film about the extreme hardships, resilience and beauty of Kashmir’s Hijra (transgender) community and their...
How Fascism Serves Capitalism
In this documentary, Dr. Michael Parenti defines fascism, describes its characteristics, and explains the role fascism plays in serving the rational interests of capitalists while suppressing organized worker movements. 
How Our Lives Are Dictated
Life is about choice. What we eat, what we read, who we elect; every day we make choices that determine how we want to live. But what if these choices are just an illusion?
We the Power | The Future of Energy is Community-Owned
A film about the citizen-led community-energy movement in Europe and the visionaries lighting the way. 
Gratitude Revealed
Gratitude Revealed is a remarkable cinematic documentary that has been forty years in the making.
The Great Disconnect
We are living in a time that has been described as the age of loneliness. Despite Western advances in technology, living conditions, education and healthcare, we, as a society, are isolating ourselves from one another, and because of this, facing a health crisis that affects...
How Dangerous are Microplastics?
Microplastics have only recently become an issue outside the scientific world. A pioneering researcher in this field, Christian Laforsch is primarily interested in the long-term hazards they pose - something that could assume critical importance for us in the future...