Ukraine 5.6 (2023) ($5)

Ukraine 5.6 is a reflection on war and resilience based on testimonies of Ukraine war survivors. The documentary is a highly emotional tale of grief and survival against all odds. The narrative arc is from darkness to light, from a grave digger at work in a cemetery to an uplifting finale with the survivors rebuilding their lives.

Besides chilling candid interviews with survivors, Ukraine 5.6 features major Ukrainian artists, including a live performance by Jamala, winner of the Eurovision contest, poetry by Lina Kostenko and paintings by Anatoliy Kryvolap.

Ukraine 5.6 is directed by Richard Wolf, who has made 34 award-winning documentary films worldwide (

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Director's Statement:

Wars are usually told from the viewpoint of the victors and praise soldiers. My goal in making Ukraine 5.6 is to offer a different perspective on war - the trauma of the survivors. As George Santayanna aptly said: "Only the dead have seen the end of the war."  The survivors have to cope with the physical and psychological scars of war for the rest of their lives. While drawing from a specific reality, Ukraine 5.6 has universal resonance. The film explores how the survivors cope with the effects of war and how they find the strength to rebuild their lives. I have collected chilling testimonies of survivors, interviewed experts, and filmed communal initiatives to rebuild. I hope Ukraine 5.6 can provide the audience an opportunity to reflect on the human cost of war and be inspired by the positive examples shown to overcome the biggest scourge of mankind.  Ukraine 5.6 is above all a film about and for humanity.
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