When Social Control Masquerades as Social Justice (2023)


When ideas and movements that threaten to overturn established hierarchies of power are absorbed into elite institutions like Ivy League universities and for-profit corporations, they get transformed into ideas that support the status quo, while remaining cloaked in the language and symbols of radicalism and egalitarianism. The replacement of the word “equality” by the word “equity” in the worlds of academia, NGOs, activism, and corporate HR departments, is an example of the attempts by elite people and institutions to transform historical movements for racial and gender equality into ideas that promote the interest of elites - in particular, economic inequality and the division of the working classes.

In this episode of What Is Politics?, we explore how forms of oppression based on cultural factors like skin colour or gender or religion, etc, can only be understood and effectively combatted by understanding them in the context of economic exploitation and economic competition which is what the human propensity to discriminate evolved for in the first place. - WHAT IS POLITICS?


Music by Starstixnine

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0:00 If the slavery abolitionists had been liberal “antiracists”

0:29 Introduction: thesis 2:04 Equality and the left

5:46 How the terms left and right became confused

10:41 Equity vs. equality: liberal vs. conservative takes

15:17 Liberal vs conservative methods of maintaining economic inequality

16:52 Lizard People: right wingers disguised as left wingers

17:59 The Class Filter: turning egalitarian ideas into hierarchical poop

22:47 Equity vs. Equality: definitions and lizard semantics

24:50 Equity for rich people vs normal people

25:47 Lizard words in the law

26:41 “Serious injury” to the landlord in the 1970s vs today

31:17 “Be Excellent to Eachother”: ambiguous worbs as a power grab

33:19 Lizard politicians left and right

35:20 “Antiracism” & “equity”: How to pretend to do social justice

36:23 Roots of racial and gender discrimination

37:07 Exploitation and racism in the United States

38:34 “Minimal Group” discrimination experiments

39:17 Racism and self-interest: the economics of “Dying of Whiteness”

41:21 Discrimination instincts in tribal vs civilization contexts

41:50 Racism in utopia vs. in capitalism

43:51 Chris Rock vs. Crack Rock: racism and economic inequality

46:55 The Brown Pill: eliminating racism but not economic inequality

49:32 Lizard morals: why rich people need poverty

51:40 Lizard social justice: Ibram X. Kendi’s “antiracism” and “equity”

53:26 If the Abolitionists had been “antiracists”

54:10 Benefits of “equity” for the ruling classes: PR and self-delusion

56:21 French colonialism and liberal identity politics

57:49 Robin DiAngelo trains people to be anti-black racists

59:57 Divide and conquer: why corporations love ineffective “antiracist” trainings

1:01:01 Lizard “equity” as a make work program for Harvard kids

1:02:12 “Antiracism” begets Afropessimism

1:02:38 Legitimating the ruling class: Gauls in the Senate

1:03:33 Obama protects racist banks and wipes out black wealth

1:05:02 Politics of representation in dictatorships (“communist,” fascist and corporate)

1:06:10 Ivy League admissions

1:08:52 The Matthew Effect: deindustrialization and black history

1:11:04 Warp drives for animal shelters

1:11:58 “Antiracism”: rich brown people as a stand-in for poor brown people

1:14:49 “Antiracism”: Asians are too boring

1:15:58 Rainbow race war for rich kids

1:17:08 Left proposals for college admissions

1:20:21 TLDR RECAP 1:24:52 Gimme

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