Mar 7, 2022

Laissez-Faire: a Critique of Neoliberalism

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Laissez-Faire: a Critique of Neoliberalism

Laissez-faire is a documentary by Ruggero Arenella dedicated to the critical analysis of neoliberalism: genesis, decline and revenge of the ideology that is impoverishing the world. Briefly exposes the main economic theories of the contemporary age, from Adam Smith onwards, alternating interviews with historical reconstructions. The result of the development of the Austrian school and above all that of Chicago, which has become dominant for over thirty years now in parallel with the impetuous pace of globalization. The author's strong criticism of this doctrine is clear, made even more evident by the almost Manichean contrast between the figure of Milton Friedman and that of John Maynard Keynes, whose ideas influenced Roosevelt's New Deal and the immediate reconstruction of Europe postwar period. In the last 250 years, free-market ideology has played a central role in the development of the logic and rhetoric that have influenced the daily life of populations throughout the world. It was cornered for a few decades during the twentieth century in favor of a social economy for the public interest, and then returned to the limelight in the last thirty years of the century to dominate the logics that drive world economies, doing the favor of the elites at the expense of 99%. Through the testimony of six people informed about the facts, Laissez-faire offers a historical and ideological perspective through which to identify the fundamental problems of the economic mechanism on which societies are based.



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