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“We are all Julian Assange!” Demonstration in Berlin - Statement from Edward Snowden

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On the 2nd of May 2019 in Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate, a demonstration was organized by the “Democracy in Europe Movement 2025” & “Demokratie in Europa” called “We are all Julian Assange!” 

According to the organizers, the prosecution of Julian Assange is an attack on press freedoms as it criminalizes the act of journalism as well as of whistleblowing. They also fear that Julian Assange might be extradited from Britain to the United States where he could be charged with the Espionage Act. A

Statement from Edward Snowden on the prosecution of Julian Assange was read out by German theatre director Angela Richter and another statement from Yanis Varoufakis was read out by German actor Malte Sundermann.

Artists and actors such as Pamela Anderson, Ai Weiwei, etc. also supported this demonstration.

Organizations that participated include Democracy in Europe Movement 2025, Demokratie in Europa, Whilsteblower Netzwerk e.V., Die Linke, etc.

We were present at the location and documented the activities of the demonstration in this video.