Visions Of Abolition: From Critical Resistance To A New Way Of Life (trailer)

Visions of Abolition is a documentary about the prison industrial complex and the prison abolition movement. - Part I, "Breaking down the Prison Industrial Complex" weaves together the voices of women caught in the criminal justice system and leading scholars of prison abolition, examining the racial and gendered violence of the prison system. (39 mins).

Part II, "Abolition: Past, Present, and Future" documents the recent history of the prison abolition movement through the organizing efforts of Critical Resistance and explores the meaning of abolitionist politics.(48 mins).

Interviews include: Melissa Burch, Susan Burton, Angela Davis, Ruth Wilson Gilmore, Dylan Rodrguez, and Andrea Smith

What Can You Do?

There are many things you can do to stop the expansion of prisons and support abolitionist work. Below are a few ways to connect with abolitionists who are already doing this work. 
- organize a film screening of Visions of Abolition as a tool for raising discussion in your community 
- educate yourself on the state's budget and find out where they are spending their money
- join a chapter of Critical Resistance
- get involved in re-entry work, anti-expansion work, anti-police brutality work, or other anti-prison work (for a list of anti-prison organizations, please visit:,, and
- donate money to Critical Resistance and / or A New Way of Life
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