Tough Talk: Season 2, A Series About Men's Mental Health (trailer)


Welcome to Season 2 of Tough Talk: Going Deeper. 

This videos are shared with the intention to reduce the stigma surrounding men's mental health.

Sam O'Sullivan is a Kiwi psychologist who gets off the beaten track and travels in his van around his home country of New Zealand to film conversations with everyday men about their stories. He has conversations about their challenges, intending to show it's normal to struggle with our mental health. He discovers what tools they use to take care of their own mental health.

A new interview is added every Tuesday fortnight. Follow along, the season is just beginning! 

Part 1: Intro to Tough Talk.

Part 2: Matt & Sarah Brown | From Christchurch, New Zealand, Matt is a world-ranked barber and hair-artist. His barbershop has become a space for men to talk about their life without being judged. He has created this space by being vulnerable himself and sharing his own stories. His mantra to change the world: "Seek to understand, not to be understood."

Part 3: Caine Tauwhare | The Culture of Our Ancestors | In this episode, Caine shares with us the practice of whakairo, or traditional Māori wood carving. He was taught whakairo from a young age, which he now shares with others through mentoring and teaching. Caine communicates his wisdom about how whakairo expresses a deep connection to ancestors & land. 

Part 4: Christchurch Quakes: Fighting Internal Fires | Richard, Kevin, Raewyn | This is a conversation that has been anticipated by many. It goes into detail about the response during the Christchurch earthquake of February 2011, an event that has altered the lives of numerous people and the whole country in some way. Talking about what happened is an important step for New Zealand to collectively process the tragedies of that time. This could be a triggering episode, so please look after yourself and watch this during a time when you have the emotional space to do so. In this episode, Richard, Kevin and his wife Raewyn share their experiences of the Christchurch earthquake. Kev & Richard go into detail about their trauma from responding to the CTV building. They courageously talk about their huge losses as a result of the earthquake. Kev and Richard talk about dealing with tragedies in the community, as well as some contrasting and humorous false alarms. They both emphasise how important the support of their fellow firefighters has been and how important those close relationships are to them. They speak about their own well being practices of finding somewhere to wind down, and "let your hair loose."

Part 5: The Resilient Farmer | Doug Avery | We all have times in our life when shocking or unexpected moments happen. Doug Avery, a well-known farmer from Seddon, has experienced his fair share of hard times farming in the drought striken Marlborough region of the South Island. Having persevered through droughts, earthquakes, and more, after losing all hope and coming out stronger on the other side, Doug tells us what tools he's created for his own resilience and a better outcome. This is an episode that will equip you with practical tools for learning how to cope with tough times. It’s full of hope for the farmers of New Zealand and Aotearoa as a whole.


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Sam & Kristina

The Tough Talk team

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