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Love Israel, Support Palestine: Former Israeli Soldier Exposes IDF War Crimes
There's a contradiction inherent in how Israel reckons with its atrocities against Palestinians. On one hand Israel's leaders and their supporters call for the genocide of Palestinians, such as this past weekend when Israel's Defense Minister announced a blockade of Gaza...
Kyle REACTS To Horrifying Deranged Israel & Palestine Takes | The Kyle Kulinski Show
May cooler heads prevail. There are people who have lost their damn minds on both sides of this tragedy.
What Happens to Rich People Under Socialism?
It's a common misconception that socialists want to...ahem...*bonk* the rich. So what do we really want to do? Come learn about how socialist societies treat those with wealth and power!
Fascism in the Holy Land: A Revised Jewish Understanding of the State of Israel
"While Israel has had a right-wing government for much of the last 25 years, the government that took power in late 2022 has become a fascist government with little respect for the history and judicial processes of a democratic society."
The Israel Palestine 'Conflict' in Under 10 minutes
Lowkey delivers a short history lesson.
The Amazing Community Making Beautiful Compost from City Food Waste | Ben & bEartha
'Ben & bEartha: A Community's Compost Love Story' is a free 40-minute sustainability documentary following the highs and lows of a passionate community as they attempt to tackle the issue of food waste going to landfill. Their solution? A composting machine called bEartha and...
Separated Interbeings | Volume 2
Separated Interbeings is a film collage of our diverse and complex world caught on camera, creatively put together to open deeper perspectives and insights on the world we live in.
What can one person do? What can a group of people do? What do we want to leave behind? In the film "Imprint" we visit 13 projects in 13 different places where committed groups work for a vibrant future. A personal and poetic depiction of what it means to be fully human in...
Racial Segregation and Concentrated Poverty: The History of Housing in Black America
On Jan. 26, 2021, President Joe Biden signed four executive orders designed to address racial equity in the United States. With one particular action Biden hopes to right the historical wrongs Black folks have faced when it comes to housing and homeownership in this country...
Whiteness Is a Rich Man's Trick (Divide & Conquer)
"The white “race” was invented by rich Virginians in 1676 in the aftermath of a populous rebellion of impoverished, indentured, and enslaved Africans and Europeans now known as Bacon’s Rebellion."
Realists of a Larger Reality: The introduction to Here Be Monsters: How To Fight Capitalism Instead of Each Other
"Not everything that looks like liberation actually is, nor is every political idea which claims to help people actually helpful. Sometimes, we can dream up things which become nightmares. Sometimes, the left is actually out of touch with reality, with “larger reality.”...
Zeitgeist | Requiem by Peter Joseph
This is the official Film Trailer for “Zeitgeist | Requiem” by Peter Joseph. Fourth in the series, Peter Joseph continues to explore the incompatibility of modern capitalism with future human survival. Departing from the ideological dogmas of today, the work focuses on the...
A Case for Color Blindness | Coleman Hughes
Racial inequality provokes passionate opinions and varied ideas of how to build a fair, equitable society. One topic that's been contentiously debated for generations is color blindness: the concept that we should look beyond race when thinking about equity. In this talk...
How America Invented Race | The History of White People in America
The white “race” was invented by rich Virginians in 1676 in the aftermath of a populous rebellion of impoverished, indentured, and enslaved Africans and Europeans now known as Bacon’s Rebellion.
Nordic Animism | A Conversation with Rune Hjarnø Rasmussen
Rune Hjarnø Rasmussen is a Historian of Religion, Ph.d from Uppsala University in Sweden. His research into Afro-diasporic strategies for maintaining animist reality in the modern world has led him towards reading North European cultural history from the perspective of...
'Silent Coup'—How Corporations Rule the World w/Matt Kennard | The Chris Hedges Report
The 20th Century saw a great global uprising against European imperialism as the former colonial countries shook off their shackles and rose up for independence. More than a half century later, global inequality is sharper than ever before. To understand the current...
Inequality for All Turns 10: Has the Movie’s Warning Come True? | Robert Reich
In the 10 years since we made Inequality for All, inequality has surged. Yet I have hope for the future:
The Manosphere to Alt-Right Pipeline (We Should All Be Talking about This)
Men are not okay. The manosphere is a vast network of incels, mens rights activists, pick up artists and more, and their violent rhetoric easily translates to conspiracy theories, making them the perfect target for the Alt Right. - Leeja Miller
Jon Stewart Explains Trickle Down
When corporations profit - they keep it. When they fail - we pay for it.
Big Oil, Big Lies and Big Al
World leaders just gathered at the UN in New York to discuss the climate, ahead of the main COP 28 climate conference coming up in November 2023. The president of that event is also the CEO of one of the world's largest oil and gas producers. So how, in the name of all things...
The Living Planet View: To Save the Earth, We Need to Reframe the Goal
"When we talk about saving the world, what world are we talking about? Not the globe itself, obviously. But also not the biological world—the world of life. The world of life, strangely enough, is not in danger (though thousands and perhaps even millions of species are). Even...
Our Food is Killing Us
In this video essay, I examine the causes and destruction of our current industrialized food system. Specifically, I dive into the capitalist commodification of food, and how most of the industrialized farming that takes place in the imperial core doesn't produce crops for...
Socialism Fear-mongering is Bananas | Robert Reich
Medicare for All - “That’s socialism!” Social Security - “That’s socialism!” Debt free education - “That’s socialism!” $886 billion defense budget - “That’s just how it is!”
Let’s All Get Past This Confusion About Trans People
There has been a lot of talk about trans people lately, with controversy surrounding comedians, sports, as well as the usual back and forth between liberals and conservatives. As a liberal, the hateful and harmful rhetoric from the right upsets me, but I have also been...
The Magical Universe
You are the Universe experiencing itself.
Awakening of the Soil (Toprağın Uyanışı)
"Awakening of the Soil" is a compelling 42-minute documentary that follows the transformative journey of Barbaros, a skeptical farmer from Edirne, Turkey as he discovers the world of regenerative agriculture with the guidance of his friend, Begonia. Together, they embark on a...
The New Sustainable Fishing Model That Could Disrupt the Global Seafood Industry
Documentaries like Netflix's Seaspiracy highlight many of the destructive practices of the global fishing industry, but are there sustainable alternatives to the industrial model? In this film, Fishing for the Future, we explore an inspiring new model created by Gravity...
The Neuroscience of Being Transgender
"In this episode, I discuss the neuroscience of being transgender by explaining the difference between gender identity and biology. I add studies from neuroscience and explain some fascinating findings." - Brief Brain Snacks
Why Does Mainstream Feminism Support the Prison System?
Can we achieve feminist justice through the criminal law? Carceral feminism is a branch of feminism that would answer yes, but this video challenges carceral feminist thinking and explores alternative approaches to justice. - oliSUNvia
What Are Technics? Episode 1 - Who's in Charge?
What Are Technics? is a short series about culture and technology, and how the two emerge from each other. What sort of culture invents an iPhone, for example, and then how does that technology shape the culture in-turn? And with that cyclical interplay, which outcomes are...
Hackers for Freedom
"Hackers for Freedom", this 55-minute long documentary takes us to meet with those who, from India to the United States via Europe, are experimenting with the emancipation tools of "free software" in order to bring concrete solutions in a multitude of fields in which...
Why The Political Compass Sucks...And What's Better
We've all taken the political compass test. It's fun, it doesn't take long, and it's a good way to dip your toe into political labels. The only problem kinda sucks. Let's take a look at how to go beyond the political compass. - Second Thought
Separated Interbeings | Volume 1
"One of the best things you'll (n)ever see." Separated Interbeings is a film collage of our diverse and complex world caught on camera, creatively put together to open deeper perspectives and insights on the world we live in.
Growing Solutions: Soil, Water, Farmers, Seeds, Roots
In the face of threats to our farming future such as climate change, people are innovating to protect and regenerate our most vital resources – soil, water, seeds, and our farmer workforce. Growing Solutions features a centuries-old water conservation method, a farmer who’s...
Why Andrew Tate & The Red Pill Seem Irresistible to So Many Men
Male loneliness has been on the rise for the last several decades. With changing gender roles and men lost on how to live up to classical ideas of masculinities, Andrew Tate and The Red Pill Grift fill the vacuum to offer solutions to lonely young men.
This Is How the Capitalist Class Views the Working Class. It's Not Pretty.
"Capitalists are THE enemies of the masses because they view us and use us as cattle. You should know this by now. But if you don't, here is a rare moment where one speaks honestly. And don't be mistaken... this is how they ALL think." - The Hampton Institute  
When Social Control Masquerades as Social Justice
When ideas and movements that threaten to overturn established hierarchies of power are absorbed into elite institutions like Ivy League universities and for-profit corporations, they get transformed into ideas that support the status quo, while remaining cloaked in the...
Münecat Debunks the Entire Manosphere
"Well this time I decided to investigate the Manosphere. The cult mentality of Red Pill think, how they monetize it, the narrative they are selling to their followers, and how this can result in some young men being funneled into the alt-right pipeline. I looked into...
Exposed: The Smear Tactics against Wind and Solar
You shouldn't believe everything you see on the internet. Particularly when it comes to renewable energy. We started debunking some of the biggest myths about wind and solar energy – and ended up in a world of shady lobby groups and secret money streams. Come follow us down...
What the Fossil Fuel Industry Doesn't Want You To Know | Al Gore
In a blistering talk, Nobel Laureate Al Gore looks at the two main obstacles to climate solutions and gives his view of how we might actually solve the environmental crisis in time. You won't want to miss his searing indictment of fossil fuel companies for walking back their...
Honest Government Ad | Visit Canada!
The Canadian Government has made a new tourism ad and it’s surprisingly honest and informative!
Could America Have A General Strike Like France?
When millions of French protesters shut down their country over the president's decision to raise the retirement age, U.S. commentators said it could never happen here. But why? To find out why, we went back through decades of U.S. and French history. We took a look at the...
Honest Government Ad | COP31 Australia & the Pacific
The Australien Government made an ad about its bid to host the 2026 UN Climate Summit (COP31) with the Pacific, and it’s surprisingly honest and informative
Reimagining Humanity: The Sequel to Breaking the Cycle
When the Evolved Nest is provisioned to children and to adults, our full humanity is developed and expressed. Through the Evolved Nest we develop the Kinship Worldview.
Even Small Towns are Great Here (5 Years in the Netherlands)
We’ve lived in the Netherlands for 5 years now and we’ve been to a lot of small towns and cities in that time. The thing that surprised us the most is that there’s good urbanism pretty much everywhere. - Not Just Bikes
15-Minute Cities for Leftists
15-minute cities could be the solution to climate change and income inequality. Or they could just make everything worse. What we do know is that they probably aren't dystopian walled-cities. Let's explore what everyone is saying about 15-minute cities and start to work out...
The Commons: Reclaiming What Is Ours
The Commons is a documentary film about communities re-asserting sustainable futures using consensus, equity and shared resources – ancient Commons principles. The film shares the increasing privatization and destruction of commons, primarily in the United States.  It also...
I Am Greta
The story of teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg is told through compelling, never-before-seen footage in this intimate documentary from Swedish director Nathan Grossman. Starting with her one-person school strike for climate action outside the Swedish Parliament...
YOUTH v GOV is the story of the Juliana v. The United States of America constitutional lawsuit and the 21 American youth, ages 14 to 25, who are taking on the world’s most powerful government. Since 2015, the legal non-profit Our Children’s Trust, has been representing these...
Guardians of the Earth: A Film about the Paris Agreement
Twenty thousand worldwide negotiators meet at a private airport shielded by the military in the north of Paris for a last attempt to save our planet from climate change. Behind closed doors, these delegates have to negotiate on the first global climate change agreement by the...
In The Starlight
During the darkest hours of the night, while the rest of the world is sleeping, outdoor photographer Paul Zizka ventures out into the wilderness in search of the world’s starriest skies. His journey to photograph the celestial wonders takes him from his home amongst the peaks...
The Bentley Effect
When the coal seam gas industry staked a claim on the Northern Rivers region of Australia, alarm bells rang out. Thousands of people from all walks of life organised themselves to rally against the unconventional gas invasion. But despite the enormous public opposition, the...
A poem for the planet, Metamorphosis captures the true scale of the global environmental crisis. Forest fires consume communities, species vanish, and entire ecosystems collapse. But this crisis is also an opportunity for transformation. Through a tidal flow of stunning...
Love Thy Nature
Narrated by Liam Neeson, Love Thy Nature points to how deeply we’ve lost touch with nature – and takes us on a mesmerizing cinematic journey through the beauty and intimacy of our relationship with the natural world.
Connectivity Project
By exploring the ripple effects of our actions in an interconnected world, CONNECTIVITY PROJECT highlights how science and different cultures and traditions from around the world embrace the importance of interconnectedness. As we follow inspiring individuals who are making a...
Seeding Change: The Power of Conscious Commerce
20 years ago, a young group of social entrepreneurs started a company to sustainably harvest açaí berries in the Brazilian Amazon. They joined a movement of purpose-driven companies looking to change the world through an alternative economic model. These "triple bottom line"...
What is Regeneration? - A Short Film from the "2040" Team
"What is Regeneration?" is a 5-minute short film and a rousing call to action to join a global movement of Regenerators who are working to heal our ecosystems.
Rollbacks: An Assault Against Life on Earth
We are in the midst of a climate crisis. It is imperative we understand what this means and what we can do to reverse the damage. BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.
Trans Kashmir
Once entertainers and employees of the royal courts, they were believed to have mystical powers. Today they fight for dignity in life and death. Trans Kashmir is a film about the extreme hardships, resilience and beauty of Kashmir’s Hijra (transgender) community and their...