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First We Eat
What happens when an ordinary family, living just south of the Arctic Circle, bans all grocery store food from their house for one year? Add three skeptical teenagers, one reluctant husband, no salt, no caffeine, no sugar and -40 temperatures.
All the Time in the World: Disconnecting to Reconnect
Three kids, ages 10, 8 and 5, spend nine months self-isolating with their family in the Yukon wilderness over a long northern winter. Small cabin, no friends, no internet, no phone, no electricity. For nine months they never once said “I’m bored”. Find out why. All The Time...
How American Workers Are Losing Billions
You've probably heard the term "wage theft" before, but do you know just how big a problem it is? In the US, wage theft dwarfs all other kinds of theft combined. Let's take a look at why this is happening and try to understand the underlying problems that enable it.
Hawaii Emergency: Navy Poisons Drinking Water
The US Navy has poisoned the largest water supply in O'ahu, Hawaii. Nobody knows how long residents have been drinking toxic water, how big the chemical leak is, or how many it will impact. But instead of urgent action to save lives, the Navy is engaging in a cover up.
The Spyware on Your Phone that could End Democracy | George Monbiot
“One of the most fundamental attacks on democracy & human rights ever invented”
The Worst Thing
How do you move past the worst thing to ever happen in your life? In 1985, Kathleen lost her brother Eddie, an American soldier, at the hands of the Red Army Faction (RAF), a German leftist terrorist organization. Now, decades later, she decides to seek out the group...
CASH-IN COP-OUT - The COP26 Glasgow Climate Summit
CASH-IN COP-OUT tells how Glasgow’s COP26 climate summit notched-up yet another year of talks that failed to find a solution to the climate emergency. Thousands converged at COP26 with polarised objectives. Businesses sought deals to cash-in from the climate crisis. Thousands...
The Surprising Untold Story of Scotland's Dying Ships | A Plastic Crisis
Fishing ships in Scotland are at an all time low and so are the number of fish. This is the story of their continuing demise and how we can use this as a lesson to solve an even bigger issue: the plastic pollution crisis. It begins with each of us. WWF, Change plastic in...
The Myth Of Upward Mobility
In this video, Second Though revisits the idea of "meritocracy" and explores the misguided belief that the United States is anywhere close to a "fair competition" where everyone has "equal opportunity."
Social Media Addiction - How It Changes Your Brain | Luke Burgis
By definition, mimetic desire means that we're adopting another person's desire as our own, usually without even realizing that we're doing it. Social media has given us millions of mimetic models that we now have to contend with. Some people have gone from having 10 mimetic...
How Unaccountable Institutions Are Shaping Your Life | Robert Reich
Never forget that a majority of Supreme Court justices were appointed by presidents who initially lost the popular vote. The court is now poised to overturn Roe v. Wade, despite Americans supporting the landmark abortion ruling by a roughly 2-to-1 margin. This is not how a...
4 False Beliefs that Society is Built On | Dr. Bruce Lipton
Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD is an internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit. Stem cell biologist, bestselling author of The Biology of Belief and recipient of the 2009 Goi Peace Award, he has been a guest speaker on hundreds of TV and radio shows, as well as...
Environmental Justice: How Capitalism Threatens Humanity
Earlier this year, the NGO Global Witness released their report on the deaths of environmental defenders. In 2020 alone, a total of 227 people fighting against environmental degradation and climate change were killed. We live in a system that always has - and always will ...
Why We Won't Raise Our Kids in Suburbia (and Moved to the Netherlands Instead)
I was always told, growing up, that the suburbs (of Canada) are a good place to raise children. But I've come to appreciate the importance of independence for the a child's development, something that's nearly impossible in today's car-dependent suburbs. It was pretty clear...
How Wealth Inequality Spiraled Out of Control | Robert Reich
The top 1% holds 15x more wealth than the bottom 50% combined. How did it get this way? Here's the full story of wealth inequality in America.
Can Indigenous Knowledge Save the World?
Indigenous peoples are among the worst affected by rainforest deforestation. What can art do in the face of this destruction? We show solutions from Cameroon, plus how artists in Brazil are fighting to save the Amazon. The rainforest is on fire. Profiteering and greed are...
An Intimate Discourse with Visionaries of The Great Turning
Leading visionaries of The Great Turning respond to key questions relevant to the challenges of our times:
Honest Government Ad | Net Zero by 2050 (feat. Greta)
The Government™ has made an ad about Net Zero by 2050 and it’s surprisingly honest and informative.
The Hypocrisy of Bailouts | Jon Stewart
Why are billion-dollar corporate bailouts the American status quo, but bailing out struggling people is a socialist nightmare? It's almost like the priorities of this country are a little skewed... 
The Worst Attack Since the Civil War!
"News directors and editors once needed stiff nudges to repeat a president’s words verbatim, not just because it’s embarrassing to take dictation from a politician, but because it was bad business to do it for free. If politicians wanted you to buy the “Axis of Evil” or “the...
Films for Patrons: Donate $5/Mo and Gain Access to These Great Documentaries
Films For Action hosts the largest collection of free films related to social change online. Started by a few friends in 2006, we're a home-grown media library dedicated to empowering citizens with the knowledge essential to creating a more loving, just, sustainable, and...
The Importance Of Revolutionary Optimism
While it's often easy to fall into doomerism, remaining dedicated, principled, and optimistic is critical to the success of any movement. Let's talk about revolutionary optimism and what it can do for us. 
The Two Futures Of Automation: Capitalism VS Socialism
With jobs being automated and handed off to machines at an ever-increasing pace, it's only natural to consider what our future will look like. Will humans have more free time to spend with loved ones? More time to pursue hobbies and fulfilling activities? Or will the status...
How Capitalism Ruined Work
If you’re unemployed, it isn’t because there’s no work. There is, and always will be, work to be done. So...what's going on? Why are there so few meaningful jobs, and why are they getting replaced by alienating, meaningless labor?
The 10 Tactics of Fascism | Jason Stanley
"Never Again?" How fascism hijacks democracies over and over.
"Human Potential and the Path Back to Indigeneity" with Bill Pfeiffer
Join Bill Pfeiffer as he discusses his journey to embracing an indigenous world view and how this approach can help save our planet. This video is a production of Lake Erie Institute and is made possible by the generous support of Cuyahoga Arts & Culture.
Cancel the Apocalypse: Here Are 41 Documentaries to Help Unlock the Good Ending
Our present moment is saturated in dystopian, apocalyptic fantasies of the future.
So-Called 'Centrists' Are Really Incredibly Dangerous Extremists
Their supposed "seriousness" poses a serious threat to everyone but the small group of elites whose short-term interests they actually represent.
Jane and the Dark Cloud: An Animation about Systems Change
Beautiful short animated film, that through the story of Jane and Dan, empowers audiences and grass roots campaigners with an understanding of what 'system change', means. It shows what a truly system changing Green New Deal could look like in the UK and beyond after COVID...
Making Sense with Scout Mindset | Julia Galef
Why do some people see things that others don't? Julia Galef believes that it's because they're using what she calls Scout Mindset.
If We Don't Fix Sensemaking, We Won't Survive | Daniel Schmachtenberger
Why is Sensemaking broken? What would it mean to fix it, and how might we go about it?
Rogan, CNN, Ivermectin & Heterodox Thinking | Zubin Damania
The pandemic has stress tested all our institutions, especially those we have relied on for truth seeking and sensemaking. It's deepened the chasm between mainstream and alternative, consensus and contrarian.
How Militarism Fuels The Climate Crisis — And Vice Versa
True climate solutions must have antimilitarism at their core.
Owned: A Tale of Two Americas
“Home ownership to me means freedom—strictly. The more and more I evaluate this world, the more and more I understand: when you don’t own anything, you are nothing.” That’s how Greg Butler, a young black house flipper, sums up his view of the American dream.
Fly By Light: A Film about Discovering Your True Nature
Fly By Light is an intimate exploration of young people seeking to overcome the violence in their lives and create a new path for their future by connecting to a world outside their neighborhoods. In Washington, DC, where high school dropout rates average 40%, a group of...
How to Start a Regenerative Farm from Scratch
Have you ever wanted to start a regenerative farm from scratch? In this video, the Heifer USA team traveled to North Carolina to visit Grass Grazed Farm, a regenerative farm where founders Derrick and Paige Jackson have established and grown a successful business in just two...
Rundown Apartments Reborn as Food-Forest Coliving Agritopia
In 2007, Ole and Maitri Ersson bought the rundown Cabana apartment complex in the city and immediately began to de-pave parking spaces to make space for what today is a huge permaculture coliving space and urban food forest. Today, the Kailash Ecovillage has 55 residents who...
Why This Gives Me Hope for the Future
Why Solarpunk gives me hope for the future.
How We Can Make Solarpunk A Reality
Solarpunk is a vision of the future that we can implement today. Here are just a few ways to get started! 
Neuroscientist: "First Hour of The Morning is CRUCIAL" | Andrew Huberman
Stanford neuroscientist explains why conscious dopamine fasting is so important in the digital age.
From Columbus to Enbridge: Colonial Exploitation Continues
It's somehow fitting irony as Indigenous Day approaches on Oct. 11 — once known by another name — that a new Columbus is about to pump oil through Line 3, the last tar sands pipeline. That is the colonial-like corporation Enbridge. Maybe President Joe Biden will think about...
Universal healthcare has been a fundamental human right in many developed countries for decades. Britain led the way in establishing the National Health Service in 1948 from the wreckage of World War II, but unbeknown to the public UK governments have secretly been removing...
Joanna Macy: Climate Crisis as a Spiritual Path
This 20 minute interview with Joanna Macy will help answer an essential question:  How are we going to live our lives fully, with inner peace and courage (and even joy) as we confront a world that is destroying itself?
Oyler: Can a School Save a Community?
OYLER profiles how an innovative "community school" helped fuel a dramatic turnaround in a poverty-stricken neighborhood, part of a growing national movement to help poor children succeed by transforming schools to meet basic health, social, and nutritional needs. Before...
Stuart Hall: Through The Prism of an Intellectual Life
The Media Education Foundation presents Stuart Hall: Through the Prism of an Intellectual Life A Lecture by Stuart Hall In this recently discovered, newly restored video of one of Stuart Hall's most famous lectures, Hall speaks with dazzling precision about the...
Why "Terrorism" Is A Dangerous Word
If you've been keeping up with online news, you may have seen coverage of a Navy anti-terrorism training document that equated socialists and anarchists with neo-nazis. Even if you don't consider yourself a member of the political left, it should be obvious that this is an...
The Man Who Knew Too Much
A documentary film about Colin Wallace an intelligence officer who blew the whistle on fake news and was framed for a murder.
An Urgent Message for Humanity
Climate disruption is human-caused and, while that's hard to acknowledge for some, we take a hopeful approach: if we caused it, we can do something about it.
5 Key Things to Know About the Pandora Papers
These disclosures about how the world's wealthy and powerful hide their vast fortunes will hopefully turn up the heat on the politicians that maintain the wealth-hiding status quo.
Profiteering From Vaccine Inequity: a Crime Against Humanity?
Companies and rich nations are creating a deadly Covid-19 vaccine "protection racket."
Lack of Trusted Authority Is Why Covid-19 Is Kicking Our Butts
The resulting credibility vacuum has enabled unscrupulous politicians, agents of chaos, and other charlatans to position themselves as experts.
Despite Our Despair, There's a Reality Worth Fighting For
Those who are enduring injustice, exploitation, and oppression—whether people, animals, or ecosystems—need us to believe that wrongs can be righted and to take action accordingly.
How Conservatives Co-Opted Christianity
If you live in the United States, odds are you've encountered the distinctly American "conservative christian." It seems that these people, despite their fierce devotion to their faith, have no idea what the Bible actually calls them to do. In this episode, we're taking a...
Please Teach Your Children About Corporate Criminals
Today's school children are engulfed by corporate apps, software, and textbooks biased toward the corporate definitions of an economy and myths about "free markets."
Everything You Know about Poverty is Wrong | Rutger Bregman
Historian Rutger Bregman found a way to end poverty, obviously we had to ask him how!
The $100 Billion Dollar Ingredient Making Your Food Toxic
Industrial seed oils are in almost all processed foods. 
How The United States Ended Up With Two Right-Wing Parties
We hear a lot about the Democrats being "the radical left." Most of us know this obviously isn't the case, but what many Americans don't realize is that the Democrats should not be considered left-wing at all. In this episode we're exploring the ratchet effect and the long...
The Myth Of The "Self-Made" Billionaire
It’s no secret that Americans love to hear about billionaires. You’ll find them everywhere. They’re on the news [Bezos space launch], have their own TV shows, movies, and even make their way to elected office. Specifically, we consistently give massive audiences to...