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The Friendship Recession | Richard Reeves
Why friendships are becoming rarer in America, explained by author Richard Reeves. 
The Great Disconnect
We are living in a time that has been described as the age of loneliness. Despite Western advances in technology, living conditions, education and healthcare, we, as a society, are isolating ourselves from one another, and because of this, facing a health crisis that affects...
Water Has a Memory
Matriarch and Environmental Ambassador for the Ponca Nation, Casey Camp-Horinek takes us through the occupied territory of Ponca City, Oklahoma. Through the ancestral teachings of her Ponca culture, Casey has been protecting the Water, Mother Earth and Father Sky through the...
CIA Stories: The Jakarta Method
Abby Martin speaks with journalist Vincent Bevins about the hidden CIA mass murder in Indonesia, which created the model for US extermination campaigns against socialists and accused leftists in 22 countries during the Cold War. 
How Dangerous are Microplastics?
Microplastics have only recently become an issue outside the scientific world. A pioneering researcher in this field, Christian Laforsch is primarily interested in the long-term hazards they pose - something that could assume critical importance for us in the future...
A Quiet Revolution: Seed Sovereignty in the City
Londoners are rising to the challenges of climate change, food poverty, entrenched inequality and our nation’s mental and physical health crises by reviving one of the oldest human activities of all- sowing, saving and sharing seeds.
Worker Self-Directed Enterprises: the Cure for Capitalism
“Socialism Sucks!” This blatant invective was hurled at me while I stood on a DC metro train reading Richard Wolff’s new book Understanding Socialism. I chuckled a bit, having heard this refrain from InfoWars or Turning Point warriors for years. “I suppose it depends on how...
Beautiful No Dig Permaculture Kitchen Garden
This video is of Tim and Maddy Harland's beautiful no-dig permaculture kitchen garden in Hapmshire UK. Tim and Maddy are the founders of the fantastic @PermacultureMagazine and have a tranquil vegetable garden, meadow and food forest at their home that has been maturing for...
Abby Martin & Immortal Technique: Civil War
Legendary rapper Immortal Technique joins Abby to discuss the escalating tensions of the post-Trump era, the duopoly playing Americans, right-wing cooptation of conspiracy theory and deep-state critique, teaching real history and much more. 
How Your Attention is Stolen
This video is a masterpiece. 
Briahna Joy Gray Examines the Role of Race and Authoritarianism in Police Violence
Every minute of this is fantastic commentary, from CRT in schools, to why police violence should be framed more often as authoritarian, to the censorship and school defunding campaign being led by Republicans under the guise of fighting CRT, when such "excesses" include...
Unknown Influence | Social Media, Democracy and Transparency
Is Instagram fueling eating disorders in teenagers? Does TikTok harm your mental health? Are Facebook groups encouraging people to take part in offline violence? The answer is… we don’t know for sure. And that’s a serious problem.
Eating Our Way to Extinction
Narrated by Kate Winslet, Eating Our Way to Extinction is a cinematic feature documentary, taking audiences on a journey around the world and addressing the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. This powerful documentary sends a simple but impactful message by...
Remembering That Life Is Good
As humans, we are always trying to control everything. We think we have the ability to change anything that crosses our path and believe we have the capability to handle it to our perfect satisfaction every time.
This "I Trust You" Social Experiment Shows a More Beautiful World Is Possible
Karim Sulayman is an Arab-American tenor from Chicago. Ten days after the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Sulayman teamed up with filmmaker Meredith Kaufman Younger to perform a trust experiment. Watch this silent video (set to Sulayman singing Sinead O'Connor's "In this...
The Truth About Corporate Subsidies | Robert Reich
Who else is sick of our government subsidizing the health care industry when millions can’t afford insurance, subsidizing Big Oil while they destroy the planet, and bailing out Wall Street when they crater our economy? 
Should We Move To A 4-Day Work Week?
Our mindset surrounding work is stuck in the 20th century. With massive improvements in technology and productivity in the last few decades, it's time to reassess what work could look like. Is it time to move to a four day workweek? - Second Thought
The Pluralist Commonwealth: A Vision of Economic Democracy
Historian and political economist Gar Alperovitz offers an animated view of what a next system grounded in democratized ownership of the economy and real sustainability would look like.
What Is the Next Story? | Charles Eisenstein
Inspired by a Charles Eisenstein essay, crafted by Tonika Todorova and narrated by Charles. 
Reconsidering Reparations | Olufemi O. Taiwo
Reparations for slavery have become a reinvigorated topic for public debate over the last decade. Most theorizing about reparations treats it as a social justice project—either rooted in reconciliatory justice focused on making amends in the present, or they focus on the...
I Have Arrived, I Am Home: A Documentary about Thich Nhat Hanh
Made specially for the first anniversary of the passing of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, "I Have Arrived, I Am Home" is a new documentary from filmmaker Max Pugh (A Cloud Never Dies, Walk With Me).
Elite Capture: How the Powerful Took Over Identity Politics |  Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò
Amy Goodman speaks with philosopher Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò, who has recently written two widely acclaimed books, the latest being "Elite Capture: How the Powerful Took Over Identity Politics (And Everything Else)". He says identity politics is a concept that was stripped of its...
How To Deal With Hatred | Zander Keig
"I first came out as a lesbian when I was 13. When I was 18, I went to my first gay pride parade. It was an incredible experience, witnessing the joy of people being themselves. That was in 1984. I have been to hundreds of pride parades and festivals since then and...
Black People Are Not a Monolith | Erec Smith
"If a white professional were to announce that, whenever she speaks, she does so as a representative of all of white America, I imagine that—from New England to Palm Springs—we would hear the response that no one person can speak for all America’s 197 million white people...
Does Superman Have To Be White? | Angel Eduardo
"All I’ve ever wanted was to be Superman. Growing up, I did what all kids do: I ran around wearing a cape, I dressed up for  Halloween, I played with the action figures, I watched the movies and TV shows. But I  also picked up on more important things.
Why Corporate America Hates Unions
Unions are having a bit of a moment right now - countless stores under brands like Amazon, Chipotle, REI, Starbucks, and many more are winning victories left and right, and corporate America is pulling out all the stops to crush them. Why is the US so antagonistic towards...
Why You Should Be Kind To Everyone | Daryl Davis
One person’s kindness has the power to change the world. Let me prove it. - Daryl Davis   "I’ve been to 57 countries on every continent except Antarctica. I’ve played music in every state except Alaska. I’ve gotte
Cities Aren't Loud: Cars Are Loud
Urban noise is a common problem, and the vast majority of it is created by motor vehicles. Noise is far too often dismissed as a minor nuisance, rather than the legitimate health issue that it is. The book "Curbing Traffic" has a chapter about the health impacts of noise...
Marvel Movie Heroes: Defenders of The Status Quo
Superheroes usually manage to roll back the various apocalypses but rarely use their powers to build a better world. The villains are the ones constantly dreaming up big audacious schemes to transform the universe. - Pop Detective
Why Work Is Killing Us (and the Planet)
This video looks at why work is killing us and the planet. Specifically, I unpack how wage work under capitalism is inherently a system of exploitation of people and planet. In order to truly forge a zero-carbon world, we must do away with wage work and transform our...
David Graeber on the Meaning of Work and the Rebellion of the Caring Classes
Does the world really need neuroadvertisers, PR researchers and branding consultants? Renowned academic and coiner of the ‘we are the 99%’ slogan, David Graeber was a passionate advocate for meaningful work. After famously condemning the 21st century phenomenon of ‘bullsh*t...
Why Americans Can't Debate Politics Anymore | The Chris Hedges Report
Nolan Higdon and Mickey Huff join The Chris Hedges Report to discuss their new book, Let's Agree to Disagree: A Critical Thinking Guide to Communication, Conflict Management, and Critical Media Literacy.
The Age Of Consequences
An examination of the impacts of climate change on increased resource scarcity and migration through the lens of national security and global stability.
What Is (and Is Not) Anti-Fascism?
Anti-fascist activity has existed for about one hundred years. Yet, many people, particularly in the United States, have little to no idea about what it really is.
The Shadow of Righteousness | Ayishat Akanbi & Anthea Lawson
This was a brilliant dialogue about the shadow of righteousness in progressive circles, between the cultural commentator Ayishat Akanbi and the author of the Entangled Activist, Anthea Lawson.
Why Serious Play Is Transformative
We shouldn't reduce all play to entertaining play. Some play is the serious play that engages fundamental transformative processes for us. Rafe Kelley in conversation with John Vaervake.
Frederick Douglass: “To Suppress Free Speech Is a Double Wrong."
“To suppress free speech is a double wrong. It violates the rights of the hearer as well as those of the speaker.” - Frederick Douglass
The Video That Got Me Fired: Israel Is An Apartheid State
Here's the video that got me censored, fired, and canceled by Next Star media, which owns The Hill and Rising, a show I've been a weekly contributor to for three years. Thanks to Breakthrough News for making this video with me and actually being an independent and uncensored...
The Universal Christ | Richard Rohr
This hour-long video provides a deeper exploration into the Universal Christ. Father Richard Rohr delivers a framework for reading Scripture and understanding church history that demonstrates how these ideas have been a part of the Christian tradition since the beginning.
The Future of Christianity
A dialog featuring Brian McLaren, Barbara Holmes, James Finley, & Richard Rohr.
It’s Not Enough To Be Anti-Racist, We Also Need To Be Pro Human | Daryl Davis
How do we solve a problem like racism? Can simply being against racism bring about its destruction? No. To end hatred, we must know what we want to put in its place. In 1990 I met Roger Kelly, a leader in the Ku Klux Klan. Since I was a child I had a question: “how can...
Redefining "Harm" Infantilizes People of Color | Erec Smith
"Harm" has become an almost ubiquitous term in  social justice circles. Hear a Mandarin word that sounds like the N-word? You’ve been harmed, according to students and administrators at USC. Famed author of White Fragility, Robin DiAngelo’s latest New York Times bestselling...
The US Government Prioritizes War Over People
Hurricane Katrina – which caused around 1,800 fatalities and $125 billion in damage – was predictable and preventable, but the US Government prioritised their so-called War on Terror.
We’ve Entered the Age of Catastrophe
The year 2020 marked the beginning of the Age of Catastrophe, our civilisation is beginning to collapse. Can we count on the government to save us?
The 4 Biggest Political Lies About Inequality | Robert Reich
Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich debunks conservative myths about poverty, inequality, and the economy.
Cultural Relativism and the Importance of Anthropology in the Modern Age | Wade Davis
Bestselling author and anthropologist Wade Davis addresses The Royal Canadian Geographical Society's 2017 College of Fellows dinner, held November 16, 2017 at the Canadian Museum of History.
Why Is US Media Becoming More Right-Wing?
Something very interesting is happening to mainstream US media, and they're openly admitting it. Why is the news becoming more right-wing? – Second Thought 
The Orange Pill: There's Something Wrong With Suburbia
This video was filmed on an actual CRT monitor, in an actual pile of garbage, at the side of an actual stroad.
Workplace Dictatorships
In this episode of All Things Co-op, Kevin chats with Professor and author Elizabeth Anderson about her book Private Government, which pushes back on the myth that a free market means workers are free. Most workplaces function like dictatorships, with their own private...
How Corporate Welfare Hurts You | Robert Reich
Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich explains the policies that line the pockets of corporations while hurting ordinary Americans.
Capitalism Has Hijacked Christmas for Profit. We Need to Reclaim Its Humanitarian Origins.
In this video essay, I look at why we need a war on capitalist Christmas. Specifically, I look at the history of how capitalism stole Christmas, and how we might be able to steal it back. Christmas wasn't always a holiday of private gift-giving, it used to be based in public...
The News Media Is Selling You Out
The news media is in the pocket of a major industry. 
The Worldwide Web of Belief and Ritual | Wade Davis
Anthropologist Wade Davis muses on the worldwide web of belief and ritual that makes us human. He shares breathtaking photos and stories of the Elder Brothers, a group of Sierra Nevada indians whose spiritual practice holds the world in balance.
Learn What It Means to Matter
Black lives matter. Blue lives matter. All lives matter. But what does it actually mean to matter? Find out by enrolling in
What Should We Do About Racist White Americans? | Daryl Davis & Quay Hanna
"What should our society do about people like me? White people from rural America who might be racist? My name is Quay Hanna." "And I’m Daryl Davis. Both Quay and I have dedicated our lives to reaching out to racist white Americans to get them to see the common humanity that...
BOMBSHELL: 60% Of Pentagon Money Is Missing | The Kyle Kulinski Show
This should be on the front page of every newspaper, but it's not.  
Indict Us Too: Daniel Ellsberg & Cryptome's John Young Demand US Drop Charges Against Julian Assange
As supporters of Julian Assange fear his extradition to the United States could be just weeks away, and President Biden faces growing pressure to drop espionage charges against Assange, we are joined for an exclusive joint interview with Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel...
The Genderbread Person Isn't the Way | Zander Keig
I grew up in what I felt like was a progressive society.In school we had broken through the idea of strict gender roles; we were taught that men and women could have any career that they wanted. On the playground boys and girls played together. I am a trans-man, but as a...
My Enemy's Letters | Jim Enderle
During his service in Iraq, Navy Corpsman Jim Enderle had an awakening experience that changed his life. Jim uncovers what it means to be human and how our perceptions prevent us from truly achieving peace.
The Secret To Healing Trauma | Dr. Gabor Mate
Dr. Gabor Mate shares his personal journey of healing the trauma he experienced as an infant baby when his Jewish family was subject to Nazi occupation in Hungary. Trauma is not what happened to you. Trauma is the wound that you sustained. This is a good thing! Because if...