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The Myth Of The "Self-Made" Billionaire
It’s no secret that Americans love to hear about billionaires. You’ll find them everywhere. They’re on the news [Bezos space launch], have their own TV shows, movies, and even make their way to elected office. Specifically, we consistently give massive audiences to...
How We Fix the Climate
We should act as if this is an emergency, because it is. But part of that is understanding the tools and strategies countries are using to decarbonize and stabilize the climate. This is work that's already being done. We have already decoupled economic growth from the...
"Work Is An Intolerable Imprisonment" | J. Krishnamurti
In this video, Krishnamurti critiques our work culture and urges us to find out if we can free ourselves from the imprisonment that is a 9 to 5 job. Jiddu Krishnamurti, (born 1895, Madanapalle, India—died 1986, Ojai, Calif., U.S.), Indian spiritual leader.
6 Ways to Heal Trauma without Medication, from the Author of “The Body Keeps the Score, ” Bessel van der Kolk
Conventional psychiatric practices tell us that if we feel bad, take this drug and it will go away. But after years of research with some of the top psychiatric practitioners in the world, we’ve found that drugs simply don’t work that well for many, and our conventional ways...
Beyond Trauma Informed, with Darcia Narvaez and Mary Tarsha
It could be argued that humans have never been so destructive, so violent against a living earth. How did we arrive here? We forgot the wellness-informed pathway to human wellbeing, a holistic wellbeing that leads to peacefulness. We describe the wellness-informed pathway and...
Iraq Vet Disrupts George W. Bush Speech, Sept. 19 2021
Iraq War veteran and Empire Files producer Mike Prysner disrupted a speech by George W. Bush in Beverly Hills on Sept. 19, 2021. 
Small Scale Agroecological Approaches for the COVID 19 Response and Beyond
From the closure of markets to the interruption of agricultural supply chains, the COVID-19 pandemic threatens to disrupt food systems around the world. Many families, especially those in already fragile contexts, may soon struggle to access healthy, nutritious diets. Meeting...
CIA Whistleblower On Declassified 9/11 Documents
Former CIA analyst and case officer, who blew the whistle on its torture program, breaks down the newly declassified FBI document on the Saudi connection to 9/11 so that people who haven't been in the CIA or FBI can understand what the hell it says. The report was...
Afghanistan War Pays Off BIG For Generals Who Lied
Where are all the top US commanders of the Afghanistan War who lied to keep it going for 20 years? Turns out they're doing pretty well!
Never Forget: Lessons of the Post-9/11 Warpath
As the US Empire tries to leave its 9/11 warpath on Afghanistan & Iraq in the past, Abby Martin reviews the core lessons.
Breaking the Cycle - Reclaiming Our Humanity with Our Evolved Nest
Kindred World is proud to launch The Evolved Nest’s educational short film, Breaking the Cycle. The moving and inspirational six-minute film illustrates our capacity for breaking our current Cycle of Competitive Detachment and returning to the pattern of 95% of our human...
The One Thing NEVER Mentioned When Talking About Islamist Terrorism
Let's talk about radical Islam... and who's funded it.
Principles for Reversing Globalization and Creating a Future Designed for People, Not Corporations
"We live in the time of the ballyhooed Great Reset, a time following when great destruction has cleared the way to build something different – or to lock in the gains of big corporations, central governments, and the super-wealthy. What vision of human development might we...
The IPCC's New "CODE RED" Climate Report
Second Thought explains the IPCC's new climate report.
Not Going Quietly
Ady Barkan’s life is upended when he is diagnosed with ALS, but a confrontation with a powerful Senator catapults him to national fame and ignites a once-in-a-generation political movement.   
The Big Scary "S" Word
Featuring interviews with Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Cornel West, and Naomi Klein, THE BIG SCARY “S” WORD explores the rich history of the American socialist movement.
Barbara Lee: Speaking Truth to Power
An intimate portrait of Congresswoman Barbara Lee, a pioneer on behalf of racial and economic justice and the lone voice in opposition to the authorization of military force after the September 11th attacks.
Why Does The Media Love War So Much? | George Monbiot
“They are entirely complicit”
How Finland Ended Homelessness
Second Thought explains how Finland ended homelessness.
Honest Government Ad | Carbon Capture and Storage
The Australien Government has made an ad about Carbon Capture and Storage, and it’s surprisingly honest and informative.
Death by Pollution
Do we all breathe the same air? Ella Adoo-Kissi-Debrah was a nine-year-old girl who lived in south-east London and died in 2013. The cause of death was listed as air pollution, now her mother is fighting to make clean air a human right. This Novara Doc was made by black &...
How The Media Stopped Us Caring About the Planet | George Monbiot
“They allowed this entire shitfest to happen"
Former British Soldier DESTROYS Official Afghanistan Narrative
The film about Afghanistan that corporate media, war profiteers, conservatives, centrists, and establishment liberals do not want you to see.
‘I Felt Like A F*cking Nazi’: An Ex-Border Patrol Agent Speaks Out
Jenn Budd is a former senior U.S. Border Patrol agent turned migrant rights activist. She spoke to Dena Takruri about what she calls a racist, sexist and corrupt culture inside the agency.
COVID-19, Capitalism and the Pandemic of Endless War
If you think police budgets are out of hand, wait until you hear about the military. A Gravel Institute documentary on the links between the pandemic, power, and capitalism.
How to Defeat PragerU: The Gravel Institute
There's a big problem on the internet: right-wing groups like PragerU pour lies and disinformation into the feeds of every American. H Jon Benjamin (of Bob's Burgers and Archer) explains how The Gravel Institute is fighting back.
A challenge instigated by a group of friends with different diets and eating habits takes the viewers of Sustenance on a global journey in search of the dimensions of sustainability. Sustenance is a feature-length documentary about food's journey around the world and its...
Exterminate All The Brutes
Exterminate All the Brutes is an eye-opening journey through time, offering an incisive look at the history of European colonialism in Africa and the Americas. The groundbreaking series explores the lasting impact of exploitation and genocide on society today, pushing the...
The Murderous Police Gangs of Los Angeles
Los Angeles, America’s second largest city, has a horrible secret. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department – the fourth largest police department in the country – harbors dozens of criminal gangs within its ranks. These LASD gangs have been involved in assaults, the...
Why Big Oil Loves to Talk about Your Carbon Footprint
Everybody keeps telling us to cut our carbon footprints. So how guilty should I feel about my personal emissions? And what's Big Oil got to do with it? We're destroying our environment at an alarming rate. But it doesn't need to be this way.
Why the United States Is Killing the World
Why United States imperialism is causing climate change, explained.
Why your Carbon Footprint is a Scam
Why your carbon footprint is a scam, explained.
How The US Should Have Spent The Afghanistan War Budget
If you’ve turned on the news in the last few weeks, you’ve probably seen plenty of coverage of the disastrous situation in Afghanistan. Two decades and over two trillion dollars later, what does the US - or Afghanistan - have to show for our brutal and prolonged occupation?...
Big Oil Coined ‘Carbon Footprints’ to Blame Us for Their Greed. Keep Them on the Hook.
Climate-conscious individual choices are good – but not nearly enough to save the planet. More than personal virtue, we need collective action
Johnny Harris: A Story of YouTube Propaganda
A story about Johnny Harris, propaganda and misinformation on YouTube.  We also very briefly touch upon the notions of "shareholder capitalism" and "stakeholder capitalism" which Harris discusses in his "How China Became So Powerful" before considering what Harris'...
A Viral Tale
An animated story in rhyme, about these very strange times.
River of Renewal: United by Water, Divided by People
River of Renewal chronicles the long conflict over the 10 million acre Klamath River Basin, which spans the Oregon-California border. Competing demands for water, food, and energy have pitted farmers, American Indians, and commercial fishermen against each other for decades.
A New Economy
What if working together for the good of all was the most common business model? Watch as several organizations strive towards building a more cooperative future. By putting humanity before the bottom line, they are finding their place in a new economy no longer dominated by...
The REAL Reason Why Cannabis is Banned | Johann Hari
SPOILER: it’s not because it’s bad for you…
Why Jeff Bezos’ Space Dream is Humanity's Nightmare | George Monbiot
“We would live under their total unmediated control”
The Market Gardener's Toolkit
An educational film in which small-scale organic farmer, educator and author Jean-Martin Fortier shares the tools and techniques used on his highly productive 1.5-acre farm. From soil preparation to strategies on dealing with insect pests, discover how this micro-farm manages...
The Permaculture Orchard: Beyond Organic
The Permaculture Orchard : Beyond Organic is a feature-length educational film that will teach you how to set up your own permaculture orchard at any scale. Recognizing the limitations of the organic model as a substitute to conventional fruit growing, this film proposes a...
Earth's Greatest Enemy
A new documentary by Abby Martin exposing the world's biggest polluter: the US military.
What the F-ck happened to Hip-Hop?
Double Down News asked DMC from Run DMC about Hip Hop today, and he didn't hold back.
CIA Stories: The Cuban Who Conned the CIA
Amidst Biden's new regime change operation in Cuba, Abby Martin brings you an exclusive interview with the Cuban double agent who infiltrated the CIA and revealed the US plots we are seeing play out today.
From Executive Producers Jason Momoa and Brian Mendoza comes this new film, which follows the stories of Native Americans on the frontlines of a growing movement to reconnect with spiritual and cultural identities that were devastated by genocide. An Indigenous chef embarks...
Capitalism Is What’s Burning the Planet, Not Average People
Not all humans are equally culpable in the climate chaos outlined in the latest IPCC report. Identifying the rich and powerful as the principal culprits is key to stopping further destruction.
Envy | ContraPoints
Starting at the surface with celebrity gossip, then spiraling into the inferno of the human psyche. Virgil, get me out of here.
Bison Nation: Walking Sacred Sites
We are still here. This is our story, the story of the bison, who inhabit the Northern Hemisphere. You might also know us as buffalo, tatanka, zubr, wisent, basha, Inii, ethanon, tatanga, Wisent... It is a comical story, because sometimes we are caught in politics...
The Misguided Fixation on Racial Disparities — Adolph Reed & Walter Benn Michaels
On The Jacobin Show, Adolph Reed and Walter Benn Michaels discuss the trouble with disparity and how antiracism has come to play a role in upholding capitalism in the twenty-first century.
Call of Duty Is Imperialist Propaganda
Brandon Sonju breaks down how video games — and, in particular, first-person shooters like Call of Duty — function as propaganda for American empire, and discusses how people can enjoy entertainment while also recognizing the parts of it that reflect what's wrong with the...
Why Didn't America Adopt Socialism?
America has been the world's largest economy for nearly a century, with one of the largest working classes on Earth. So how come socialism never took hold in America as much as it did in Europe and Asia? Why is there no “labor party” in the United States? And what exactly is...
Planned Obsolescence Sucks. Here's Why It Still Exists.
Why (and how) Planned Obsolescence and Capitalism make terrible products.
How We End Consumerism: The Degrowth Movement Shows a Way
How we end consumerism, explained.
Powerful Christian Nationalists in Military See Trump as Vehicle for Authoritarian Religious State
Christian fundamentalist nationalists in the senior ranks of the military, see Trump as an instrument of God’s plan to create an authoritarian Christian state. The military allows active proselytizing and recruitment of soldiers, contrary to the constitutional separation of...
A Plague of Gods: Cultural Appropriation and the Resurgent Left Sacred
A little over six years ago now, I received a demand which asked me to use my influence and this publishing platform to help denounce someone. I read the demand with curiosity and a bit of worry. The message stated in rather vague language that the sender had been asked by...
Desert Apocalypse: How Solar Projects Affect Desert Habitats
The award-winning film series Desert Apocalypse is back for a second season. In this episode we travel to the Pahrump Valley and up to Beatty, Nevada to look at the landscapes threatened by solar. In the Pahrump Valley at the Yellow Pine Solar project site, we see a few...
Is Recycling Worth It Anymore? The Truth Is Complicated.
America produces more waste per capita than any other country in the world. And recycling, which was once considered the solution to that problem, isn’t really working anymore. Recycling works, but it’s not magic. As America continues to lead the world in per capita waste...
Should We Rethink American Policing?
American police have become yet another battleground in the pointless culture war. In this episode, we'll take a look at some of the characteristics of policing in America, the problems we face, and how we might solve them to the benefit of the whole society - including the...