Sep 5, 2020

Ho'oponopono – the Easiest Way to Create Global Peace

By Carlosdeer8 /
Ho'oponopono – the Easiest Way to Create Global Peace


Peace begins with Yourself


It’s important to realize that Peace begins with YOU, it begins within yourself. World peace means acceptance and respect of the differences between people and nations. It's the liberty to perceive things and think in a different way, without limits.

These are important facts. It's very important to take full responsibility and stop blaming other people or circumstances for the problems, challenges and difficulties in our lives, including ourself in the first place!

Similarly, once we practice acceptance and stop trying to impose our opinions, once we accept other people, events, circumstances, and issues as they occur, we will finally be at peace, regardless of what's happening around us. If we abandon the necessity to be right, to persuade others of our opinion, to guard ourselves, to always have the last word, if we let go of our ego, we will obtain peace beyond understanding.


Problems are “Illusions”


Bear in mind what Dr. Hew Len told: “A problem is not a problem unless you say it is, and the problem is not the problem, but how you react to the problem is the problem.” Every issue or problem is just a chance in disguise, even a blessing, although it might not seem one. It is an omen that something better and greater is coming your way.
All of us can be at peace regardless of what's happening around us.

What nourishes war? Wars are nourished by judgments, beliefs, convictions, and memories. Basically, our wars and conflicts are just replaying memories, and most of these memories come from our ancestors. Someone has to decide to switch on the light, rather than engaging, reacting, and repeating the same old memories. So the ongoing wars and conflicts can finally be terminated. We must start with turning on our light. And once we do that, it also gets turned on for our ancestors, families, and relatives. The Light gets turned on for everyone because it does not discriminate.

Turn on your light with Ho’oponopono.

We can turn on our light with the Ho’oponopono process for cleaning, it is an ancient Hawaiian healing and problem solving method.

Ho’oponopono is a very effective and easy method to erase our programs and memories, it allows Divine Love to delete our memories, judgments, and beliefs, and bring Inspiration to our lives. This Inspiration will bring us great ideas and perfect solutions for our problems, so we can move towards the life we really want. And the great thing is that it works for everybody, because anything that gets cleared from me, will get cleared from my ancestors, families, and relatives too.

You are 100% liable for the reality you are creating and therefore making amends is the most important reason why we are here. The Flor-de-Lis cleaning tool, for instance, helps us to release and delete memories of slavery and bloodshed that keep replaying and hold us stuck, leading to continuous warfare. The only way to transform our entire Planet, is through our own personal transformation, and ho’oponopono is certainly one of the easiest ways to achieve this. More ho’oponopono cleaning tools you can find on this page.


The Ho’oponopono Mantra: “I am Sorry, Please Forgive me, Thank You, I Love You.”

So ho’oponopono is about taking 100% responsibility and saying, “I’m sorry for whatever memory or program exists in me that created this problem or issue”, and knowing that whatever I experience in my life is just my memory or program, and realizing that ‘Peace Begins with Me’.

Then you say, ”Please forgive me”.

In fact you are asking for help to forgive yourself.

Followed by “I Love You”.

And finally you say, “Thank You”.

Thank you for releasing and deleting these old memories that have been holding me back, and thank you for replacing them with Divine Love, Light and Inspiration.


Find Your Inner Peace

We are still attempting to resolve and end wars and conflicts by applying the exact programs that created them in the first place. Once we release and delete our old programs, we will be able to finally experience true Freedom. If we want the whole world to be at peace, we first must be at peace within ourselves.

Finding this inner peace is very important because it is the only way to spread world peace. So one of our most important collective goals and responsibilities is to search and find this inner peace. If we do this together we can break free from the slavery of our memories, judgments and beliefs, and create a world with a much higher consciousness and awareness, where everything is possible.


Peace can heal anything.

So let’s unite globally and spread this Awareness, Love and Peace around the World together!


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