Volontia - Fighting the spread of HIV in Vanuatu, 'the happiest country in the world' (trailer)


Volontia - Fighting the spread of HIV in Vanuatu, 'the happiest country in the world'

'Voluntia' follows a group of local Ni-Van volunteers, who are working hard to raise awareness about safe sex. Fighting the spread of STI's including HIV/ AIDs throughout the pacific island communities of Vanuatu.

These Volunteer Peer Educators are working with Wan Smol Bag, an NGO which does Theatre, Film, TV, as well as running health clinics, a youth centre and so much more...

'Voluntia' is part of 'Share The Story' Film Festival Saturday 4 December, 2010

Starting at 14:00 Fiji Time and continuing for 24 hours the festival will circle the globe, stopping in the 12 time zones above and inviting discussion from you.


'Voluntia' - a film by richard edkins
special thanks to Wan Smol Bag and all that helped out in the making of this film!

Including all the Peers Educators, Jayleen, Frank, Matoline, Rodrick, Raymond, Oburd, Maritia... Jo Dorras, Pete Walker, Siula Bulu, Marina Laklota, Dermont, Norley, Harrison, Fergus Gleeson, Dave Perry, Kaz, Nigel Garvey, Lisa Hiller and many many more

'I can't stand the rain' Ann Pebbles, Hi Records. (c) 1973
Under license to Fat Possum Records (USA) and Demon Music Group (Europe)

Plus Additional music from Wan Smol Bag and Diura.
more credits to follow

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