Universal healthcare has been a fundamental human right in many developed countries for decades. Britain led the way in establishing the National Health Service in 1948 from the wreckage of World War II, but unbeknown to the public UK governments have secretly been removing that right.

The Great NHS Heist documentary is an expose of the stealth privatisation of England's health service.

The internationally respected system has been repurposed in the interests of the American medical-industrial complex. Once beautifully efficient, the public NHS has been corporatized and rendered a shrunken, wasteful, fragmented, and dysfunctional system, designed to fail patients, exploit and demoralise staff and return profits for an array of private providers. The final stage is capturing control of the budgets by US insurance giants including UnitedHealth. The political class has sold out the nation, often enriching themselves on behalf of foreign interests. A decades-long monumental betrayal, hidden from public perception by a compliant media.

This film sheds light into the deadly imposed darkness.

'One can’t praise the film too highly. The analysis, production values and the lead interviewees, are all excellent...the Heist is not just indispensable, it is seminal.' Stewart Player (policy analyst and author of The Plot Against the NHS)

'I see this film as being a very important part of the struggle....for everything that makes us civilised and everything that we should be proud of.' Francesca Martinez (comedienne/writer)


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