SYMBIOTIC - Short Film (2018)

You're in the park and want to sit on a bench to relax and enjoy a beautiful day. However, all benches are occupied, each by one person. Which bench would you choose to sit on? With whom would you quietly share a moment on a public bench? Would he/she share it with you? How much bias, conscious and unconscious, can fit on a park bench? At the end of the day, is the person sitting next to us really who we think he is? Symbiotic is a silent short film about voluntary and involuntary racism and bigotry unfolding over the course of a day on a simple park bench. 

Writer/Director: Stefania Giannikou 

Director of Photography: Vassilis Klotsotiras 

Compositor: Panagiotis B. Patsiaouras 

Sound Design: Ioannis Giannakopoulos 

Camera Assistance: Vangelis Doumas, Vassilis Christodoulou 

Sound Facilities: Tone Studio 

Post Production Facilities: Noise & Grain Camera 

Equipment Rental: White Balance 

Set Props: Astir Inox 

Starring Anastasia Katsinavaki, Theodosia Savvaki, George Tzavaras, Manos Kannavos, Nikos Thomas, Dimitris Drossos, Zeta Mastrodouka, Tania Palaiologou, Periklis Lianos 

Produced By Stefania Giannikou
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