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Singfest: The Literacy of Music (2017) (trailer)


This uplifting and inspirational film takes us on a journey into the world of music and how music, as a literacy in schools, unlocks student's full potential and transforms their learning. Emerson School and Brave Archer Films® present 'Singfest: The Literacy of Music' A film by Amel Tresnjic

If you value what is presented in the film, please share the official YouTube links of both the TRAILER & FILM with your friends & family, fellow educators as well as government officials and help raise awareness on the crucial importance of music in education.

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Plot: "Singfest: The Literacy of Music" is an inspiring documentary that reveals what happens when one Australian special needs school attempts to share its love of singing and music making with the local community. Emerson School, a special needs school situated in Dandenong, Victoria, Australia, invites nine local schools to its grounds for the purpose of sharing its love of singing and music making. Whilst each school brings its own unique strengths and talents to the day, Emerson School shares insights on the role of Music and Music Education in the special needs educational setting with a view to everyone imagining new potentialities. The students from the invited schools come together as strangers but when united through their voices and choral singing for the day, that strangeness and unfamiliarity is taken away. The power that music has to transcend a wide range of cultural and social barriers is demonstrated in this unique and uplifting educational film. Thus the literacy embedded within Music as an art form has the power to bond people of all different cultures and engender learning that is multimodal and transformational. The embodied cognition in Music Education is a potent tool that humans use to give meaning in both linguistic and non-linguistic ways. Most importantly Music draws people together and helps make their learning journey socially-directed and purposeful.
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