Final Straw: Food, Earth, Happiness (trailer)

A deeply moving journey through Japan, Korea, and the United States that turns our perceptions of food and life upside down in an amazingly simple and poetic way.

We live in a time where changing climate threatens our very existence, corporate greed is out of control, and most recently the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization reports that the world has only 60 years of farming left if we continue our ecologically destructive ways of growing food.

So where do we go from here?

Final Straw: Food, Earth, Happiness gives us a compelling direction; a seed to grow solutions, not only for agricultural issues, but the issues of great ecological and social imbalance that we are experiencing today.

A film that is both “stunning” and “meditative,” Final Straw brings majestic landscapes and an eclectic original soundtrack together with deep insights from world leaders in the natural farming movement whose stories give modern day relevance to age-old ideas about food, ecological connectedness, and personal happiness.

This warm cast of natural farmers, chefs, and teachers together illuminate a brilliant yet maddeningly simple path to sustainability and well being for people and the environment, centered around the philosophies of the late Masanobu Fukuoka and his seminal environmental book One Straw Revolution.

Current-day leaders in the natural farming movement are featured, including Yoshikazu Kawaguchi (Japan), Seonghyun Choi (Korea), and Larry Korn (United States), as well as a dozen others from farmers to chefs to urbanites.

The film is introduced with a delicate and moving hand drawn animated short – created by animator Heeyoung Park, who spent an immersive year with the directors in preparation to draw the first frame – and the film continues with the same deep and attentive vision throughout.

Four years in the making, the film’s Co-Directors Patrick Lydon (Silicon Valley) and Suhee Kang (Seoul, Korea) walked away from their salaried jobs to further ways of thinking, working, and living that enable humanity to thrive together with this earth. The result is a film that will leave you inspired, happier, and motivated to make changes in your own lifestyle.
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