Augenhöhe (OV With English Subtitles, 2015) (trailer)

Can we create workplaces where people can develop their full potential and use all their talents - not just for their own benefit, but for the good of the organisation as a whole? YES!

The film "AUGENHÖHE" (German for "on an equal footing") shows 6 companies who are already doing this. Supported by an active community and a hugely successful crowd-funding campaign, a team of five went on to create a film designed to inspire conversations about how we want to work in the future.

The film is available for free for all non-commercial purposes. If you would like to use the film for commercial purposes (e.g. in companies or for workshops, training etc), you can purchase a licence for a one-off fee. Check or send an e-mail to bestellung(at) for more information on available licence models and prices

We recommend watching AUGENHÖHE together with others instead of watching alone in front of your computer. Look out for one of the many AUGENHÖHE film & dialogue events in your neighbourhood. Or organize your own AUGENHÖHE film & dialogue event together with friends or colleagues. Further information and material regarding AUGENHÖHE dialogue events can be found on
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