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The Bentley Effect
When the coal seam gas industry staked a claim on the Northern Rivers region of Australia, alarm bells rang out. Thousands of people from all walks of life organised themselves to rally against the unconventional gas invasion. But despite the enormous public opposition, the...
A poem for the planet, Metamorphosis captures the true scale of the global environmental crisis. Forest fires consume communities, species vanish, and entire ecosystems collapse. But this crisis is also an opportunity for transformation. Through a tidal flow of stunning...
Love Thy Nature
Narrated by Liam Neeson, Love Thy Nature points to how deeply we’ve lost touch with nature – and takes us on a mesmerizing cinematic journey through the beauty and intimacy of our relationship with the natural world.
Connectivity Project
By exploring the ripple effects of our actions in an interconnected world, CONNECTIVITY PROJECT highlights how science and different cultures and traditions from around the world embrace the importance of interconnectedness. As we follow inspiring individuals who are making a...
Seeding Change: The Power of Conscious Commerce
20 years ago, a young group of social entrepreneurs started a company to sustainably harvest açaí berries in the Brazilian Amazon. They joined a movement of purpose-driven companies looking to change the world through an alternative economic model. These "triple bottom line"...
What is Regeneration? - A Short Film from the "2040" Team
"What is Regeneration?" is a 5-minute short film and a rousing call to action to join a global movement of Regenerators who are working to heal our ecosystems.
Rollbacks: An Assault Against Life on Earth
We are in the midst of a climate crisis. It is imperative we understand what this means and what we can do to reverse the damage. BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.
Trans Kashmir
Once entertainers and employees of the royal courts, they were believed to have mystical powers. Today they fight for dignity in life and death. Trans Kashmir is a film about the extreme hardships, resilience and beauty of Kashmir’s Hijra (transgender) community and their...
How Fascism Serves Capitalism
In this documentary, Dr. Michael Parenti defines fascism, describes its characteristics, and explains the role fascism plays in serving the rational interests of capitalists while suppressing organized worker movements. 
Why "Net Zero" Is A Scam
Why net zero emissions are a scam, explained.
Psychiatrist Explains Why You Feel Tired All The Time (No Matter What You Do)
Discover the surprising truth about tiredness. 
Why Finding Purpose Is SO HARD Today
"So it seems to me like more and more people are starting to try to figure out, like, what are we doing here on this planet? What's the purpose of life?"
Tao Te Ching: The Book Of The Way by Lao Tzu, Translated by Stephen Mitchell (Audiobook)
One of the greatest works of classic literature. Lao Tzu shares timeless wisdom with the world. . . . Traditionally attributed to Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu, the true authorship of the Tao Te Ching, as well as the date around which it was written (usually said to be 6th c...
You're Not Immune To Propaganda
It's very common in the West, especially in the US, for people to assume that propaganda doesn't really exist in our society. Sure, those other countries brainwash their citizens, but not us! No, all our media is completely unbiased. Let's explore the idea of propaganda, and...
How Brands Use Design & Marketing to Control Your Mind
As we navigate through the world, we are constantly being influenced by subtle design tactics that most of us aren't even aware of. These branding tactics can be found everywhere - in the layout of your favorite store, the colors of a pop-up ad, or even the design of your...
Noam Chomsky - Values, Abortion, and Preserving Life
In an edited interview from the Tony Kaye documentary "Lake of Fire", Chomsky is asked about decisions regarding the morality of abortion, and how individuals and society must take a hard look at specifics when discussing topics that deal with contradictory social values.
This Is Why You're Poor
We've all heard poverty described as a "mindset" or a "moral failing," but those claims don't hold up to scrutiny when you start to look into it. In this episode we'll take a look at the real causes of poverty, and why it persists in capitalist economies. – Second Thought
The Invention of Individual Responsibility
Humans love to fix things, to find the cause of a problem, to probe, tinker, and mend. We ask, in many different ways, Why does this happen? What’s the root cause? What’s the origin? What or who is at fault? What or who is responsible? But there are three subjects that have...
The Most Profound Insight about Poverty You'll Ever Hear
Structural violence - why isn't this idea common knowledge yet? This is a clip from Zeitgeist: Moving Forward, directed by Peter Joseph, featuring Dr. James Gilligan.
How To Let Go And Stop Worrying (10 Stoic Tips)
Worry is a silent destroyer of lives. A demolishing internal wrecking ball that can leave even the best of us incapacitated. But it doesn’t have to produce such obvious devastating effects to cripple our potential and produce unhappiness. It can just simmer under the surface...
How Our Lives Are Dictated
Life is about choice. What we eat, what we read, who we elect; every day we make choices that determine how we want to live. But what if these choices are just an illusion?
Honest Government Ad | Anti Protest Laws
The South Australien Government has made an ad about its new anti-protest legislation and it’s surprisingly honest and informative.
Why Republicans are NOT the Party of Freedom | Robert Reich
Why is the party of "freedom" trying to ban abortion? Because it's not actually about freedom. It's about power. 
Debunking “No One Wants To Work Anymore” | Robert Reich
What corporate America says: “No one wants to work anymore.” The truth: No one wants to be exploited anymore. 
Republicans Don’t Own Patriotism | Robert Reich
True patriots don’t put loyalty to their political party above their love of America. True patriots don’t support an attempted coup. It’s time to stop letting Republicans claim the mantle of patriotism. They’ve done nothing to deserve it.
Battling Race Essentialism in Student Government | Sahar Tartak
"Again these are kids. You don't teach kids that they're lousy and just [think] somehow that's going to redeem the world and make it less racist."
Privilege and Suffering Affects All Skin Colors | John Wood, Jr
"Understanding is the foundation of empathy. In a polarized America, we need it now more than ever." - John Wood Jr., national ambassador for Braver Angels. 
Honest Government Ad | Labor
The Australien Labor Party has made an ad and it’s surprisingly honest and informative.
Behind Closed Doors | Documentary on How The West Encourages Global Corruption
A Documentary about corruption in high places and those who enable it.
Actually Color Blindness Isn't Racist | Coleman Hughes
In this special video essay, I share my thoughts on the long-running national debate on color blindness. Check out the full article on my Substack. - Coleman Hughes
Being Outside Changes How You Think
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We the Power | The Future of Energy is Community-Owned
A film about the citizen-led community-energy movement in Europe and the visionaries lighting the way. 
Buffalo Soldiers: Fighting on Two Fronts
BUFFALO SOLDIERS: FIGHTING ON TWO FRONTS, explores the often-contradictory role played by Black soldiers throughout American history, with particular emphasis on the settling of the American West and colonialism abroad. A film by Dru Holley.
The Media Bias Nobody is Talking About | Robert Reich
Robert Reich breaks down how the mainstream media draws a false equivalence between the right and the left and misleads the public about what's really at stake.
American Fascism And The Groomer Panic
We've seen a number of moral panics over the decades, and this one is no different. Come learn how the same old tropes are being recycled to animate this latest strain of American fascism. - Second Thought 
Do We Really Live Under Capitalism?
One of the most common objections to critiques of capitalism is "we don't have real capitalism, we have corporatism" or "crony capitalism" or even "techno-feudalism." These claims are often well-intentioned, but they miss the point. Let's talk about capitalism, corporatism...
What Red Pill Philosophy Gets Wrong
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Who Is Attracted to Policing Jobs? | Brian Klaas
Brian Klaas argues that the key to police reform is changing who wants to be a cop.
How "Woke Racism" Hurts Black People | John McWhorter
"Just because someone claims to be helping you, doesn’t mean they actually are."
There Is a Diversity of Thought in the Trans Community | Zander Keig
"Within any community, people think differently.  To think that a group all thinks alike is called stereotyping. This is a particular issue within minority communities. Large majority groups are often assumed to have differences of opinion within them. But in smaller...
How to Turn Your Neighborhood into a Village
Permaculture instructor Andrew Millison journeys to Portland, Oregon to talk with architect Mark Lakeman, founder of Communitecture Architecture and the City Repair Project. Mark initiated a movement in Portland to transform the homogenous neighborhoods of the city into...
The First Step to Fixing the Electoral College | Robert Reich
Swing state voters will have more say over the 2024 election than the 80% of Americans in other states. Does that sound like democracy to you? Here's how we fix the Electoral College. If you want to know more or get involved, click the link below to read about the National...
10 Minutes Matter
70% of children experiencing mental health problems do not receive intervention early enough. That's why 10 minutes to talk to a child in your life could really make a difference.
The GOP’s Attack on LGBTQ Americans, Revealed | Robert Reich
Republicans have introduced more than 500 anti-LGBTQ+ bills in 2023 alone, all over the country. They're obsessed with controlling who Americans love, how they identify, and even where they can go to the bathroom. Here's why.
Why I Don't Care About Your Flight Emissions
In this Our Changing Climate climate change video essay, I look at climate hypocrisy and carbon guilt. Specifically, I dig into why I don't care about your flight emissions, and how our attention to individual carbon footprints and worries about being seen as hypocritical...
Are You Paid What You’re Worth? | Robert Reich
The idea that everyone is "paid what they're worth" has proven to be a cruelly effective way to put the blame on workers for not getting ahead — while giving the rich and powerful cover to rig the game for their own benefit. Don't buy it. 
6 Black Men vs 1 Secret White Guy
WHO IS JUBILEE? We believe in the power of empathy for human good. Ultimately, we aim to inspire people to EMBRACE EMPATHY.
Why You Can't Ignore This Far-Right Trend
In this video, I look at the rise of fossil fascism and ecofascism on the far right. As the world gets warmer and fossil fuels become increasingly untenable there are now glimpses of two trends within the far right that are a reaction to climate change. Ecofascism and fossil...
Gratitude Revealed
Gratitude Revealed is a remarkable cinematic documentary that has been forty years in the making.
How to Bring Back Front Yard Businesses
How do we add mixed uses in single detached neighborhoods? People have some ideas… - About Here
How 15-Minute Cities Are Shaking Up the World
In this video, we explore the concept of the 15-minute city, debunking common misconceptions and conspiracy theories surrounding it. We'll reframe the discussion to focus on the true intentions behind the idea, emphasizing its potential to create sustainable and thriving...
The Most Sustainable City In America
Over the last few weeks, I reached out to sustainability experts around the world, crunched a bunch of numbers, and asked all of you for help finding the most sustainable city in America. Here's what I learned. - Distilled
How Consumerism Ruins Our Planet and Finances
Consumerism is destroying our earth and our wallets - here's how. In this video essay, we're discussing the advertisement-driven world we live in, the ways consumerism impacts personal finance, mental health, and the environment, and what we can do to combat consumerism.
Our Obsession with Economic Growth is Deadly
We are surrounded by stuff. We buy and buy and buy - it’s the foundation of how our economies run, how they grow. But all this buying, all this economic "growing", is devastating people and our planet. We are in a dangerous spiral of out-of-control resource use. In the third...
Online Activism: What's The Point?
Is Online Activism Useless? Online activism has been heralded as the future of expanded freedoms, a cesspool where meaningful action goes to die, and everything in between. But when we “agitate” via Twitter, or call for revolution on Instagram, are we really contributing to...
Here’s How We Escape Climate Apocalypse
A look at the importance of speculative climate fiction, sci-fi, and utopias for political movements, from Our Changing Climate.
Male Inequality, Explained by an Expert | Richard Reeves
Modern males are struggling. Author Richard Reeves outlines the three major issues boys and men face and shares possible solutions. 
The Friendship Recession | Richard Reeves
Why friendships are becoming rarer in America, explained by author Richard Reeves. 
The Great Disconnect
We are living in a time that has been described as the age of loneliness. Despite Western advances in technology, living conditions, education and healthcare, we, as a society, are isolating ourselves from one another, and because of this, facing a health crisis that affects...
Water Has a Memory
Matriarch and Environmental Ambassador for the Ponca Nation, Casey Camp-Horinek takes us through the occupied territory of Ponca City, Oklahoma. Through the ancestral teachings of her Ponca culture, Casey has been protecting the Water, Mother Earth and Father Sky through the...