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They Call Us Criminals
This upcoming documentary aims to expose the reality of the animals suffering within industries that exploit them, as well as showcase the work of Animal Rights activists in Canada. All while debunking the idea that activists are extremists, criminals and terrorists. The...
Sacheen: Breaking the Silence
SACHEEN is a story of redemption and resilience, of pride and perseverance. Sacheen Littlefeather remains proud that she is the first person, the first woman of color, to utilize the Academy Awards to make a political statement. And now her own story, produced by One Bowl...
J.K. Rowling | ContraPoints
Contrapoints tackles the J.K. Rowling controversy. Clocking in at 90 minutes, it's essentially a feature documentary.
Voices of the Grandmothers
Imagine growing up with the dream seeds of a wise grandmother, whose inner knowing is distilled within her stories, myths, and songs. These messages serve as a map for you and the future generations. Find your way in the world. Bring out your gifts. Connect with your true...
The Minimum Wage Debate Explained
Since the minimum wage is in the news again, I figured it would be a good time to address some things that are never brought up. In this episode we take a look at the minimum wage and why some people are against it being raised, but more importantly, we examine what the whole...
Rebel For Life, A Powerful Story about Our Ultimate Challenge: To Protect Life on Earth
Rebel for Life is a truly engaging story about a young hospital doctor who has turned into a radical climate activist. Dr. Vishal Chauhan, son of Indian immigrants, was working as a hospital doctor in the UK. Understanding that the Climate Crisis is a Health Crisis he makes a...
Happy Teachers Will Change the World: Bringing Mindfulness into Education
Being a teacher in the world of today is a demanding job with lots of challenges, often resulting in stress and burn-out. Is there a solution?
The Way Out: Facing the Climate Crisis
What can we do, when time is running out? Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh has a revolutionary proposal for facing the Climate Crisis. “The way out is in,” he states. “The way out of climate change is inside each of us.” His invitation is to stop: to stop running and to take a good...
To Live Awake
We live in challenging times. To live awake, in harmony and truly connected is an art. The basic condition of this art is to come home to yourself and be fully present. But how to do that?
If The Government Can Get Away With 100,000 Covid Deaths, It Can Get Away With Anything | Peter Jukes
“What's been the cost of the pandemic lies? Well, at least 100,000 dead. And yet this government remains at 40 percent in the polls”
Dreaming the Future | Kenny Ausubel
This video is part of a series called "Seeding the Field: 30 Years of Transformative Solutions," which celebrates some of the best moments of the Bioneers conference through the last 30 years. Founders Kenny Ausubel and Nina Simons, who organized these brilliant lectures...
The Rights of Nature: A Global Movement
Western views and the legal system tend to view nature as property, and as a resource from which wealth is extracted, a commodity whose only value is to provide for human needs. But for millennia indigenous communities have viewed themselves as part of nature.
The Media Created a Monster. Now They Want to Wash Their Hands | George Monbiot
"How did this reality TV star Donald Trump become President of the United States?"
Jan. 6 Was An Inside Job
Abby Martin and Mike Prysner bring you up to date about the DC Capital attack with shocking new details about the seriousness of the operation, the depths of the inside job, and who from the government may land in prison for it (including Trump). Brian Becker, host of The...
How Childhood Trauma Leads to Addiction | Gabor Maté
Gabor Maté CM (born January 6, 1944) is a Hungarian-born Canadian physician. He has a background in family practice and a special interest in childhood development and trauma, and in their potential lifelong impacts on physical and mental health, including on autoimmune...
Does Capitalism Mean Freedom? | Zephyr Teachout
According to the standard account, capitalism—whatever your criticisms of it—is synonymous with freedom. Zephyr Teachout explains how we are told other systems necessitate central planning by undemocratic bureaucracies. But what if that’s not true? capitalism puts us at the...
Is "Big Government" Really the Problem? | Briahna Joy Gray
Conservatives like to complain about "Big Government," but despite lower government spending than many peer nations, America is less prosperous and less free. Briahna Joy Gray explains how the government isn't bad because it's big: it's bad because it's bought.
How 100% Clean Energy Could Power Our Cities and Towns
Grist built this tiny model town to show what it would look like if we tried to transition to 100% clean energy. In the real world, it’s even more difficult. Staff reporter Shannon Osaka wrote about what it really means when cities say they’re going ‘100 percent renewable.’
Does Capitalism Actually Reduce Poverty? | Richard Wolff
You’ve probably heard that “capitalism has reduced global poverty by 90 percent.” It’s a line frequently parroted by capitalism’s most enthusiastic promoters. But there’s a problem with those claims: they’re either misleading or outright false. Professor Richard Wolff breaks...
The Capitol Riot Explained
The events of January 6th have gotten plenty of news coverage, but there's been very little actual analysis. In this episode, I do my best to explain the Capitol Hill riot, who was responsible, why it happened, and what it means for the country going forward.
MSNBC Suddenly Realizes Bernie Was Right
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How China Broke the World's Already Broken Recycling Paradigm
Plastic recycling was a public relations scam invented to keep the plastics industry alive amid mounting political scrutiny. This shifted responsibility for their polluting, unsustainable products away from them and onto consumers while masking how broken the recycling...
Halting Hades: the Moral Imperative
Filmmaker, Scott Danville creates a film, Halting Hades: The Moral Imperative, documenting the the science, politics, and economics of the world's most important issue, climate change, and the factors that will lead to a revolution through the intersection of science and...
Why The US Prison System Is The Worst In The Developed World
The US incarcerates more people - both per capita and by sheer numbers - than any other nation on earth. Our prisons are inhumane hellholes, and private prisons are making a killing. Let's talk about our horrendous prison system and look at some much better justice systems in...
Standing in Solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux
Mid-November, 2016, thousands of water protectors gather as a singular family on the campgrounds surrounding the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. This is the story of the grassroots movement known as Standing Rock, calling people across the world to stand together to protect...
The Writings of an Earth Lover
This video is dedicated to the memory of Vivienne Elanta. She was an Australian environmental activist. With her partner John Croft, she co-founded the Gaia Foundation of Australia, with the objectives of developing projects which are engaging towards personal growth...
Tamera: An Ecovillage for a New Humanity
Tamera is an ecovillage situated in the south of Portugal. It is a holistic peace research and education center exploring different ways of being and living on this planet. With two hundred people currently residing there, Tamera has become an iconic space of experimentation...
The Minimalists: Less Is Now
They've built a movement out of minimalism. Longtime friends Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus share how our lives can be better with less. Directed by Matt D'Avella.
Project Cybersyn tells the story of applied cybernetics in early 1970s Chile during the Allende Presidency and evaluates its legacy, value and potential. Translations of this video are welcome.
The Blackwater Pardons, PMCs, And US Imperialism
The recent pardoning of war criminals is reprehensible, but the action fits perfectly into the US imperialist framework. Come learn about how Primate Military Companies have changed the face of war and imperialism.  
Minimalism: A Documentary about the Important Things
How might your life be better with less? MINIMALISM takes the audience inside the lives of minimalists from all walks of life—families, entrepreneurs, architects, artists, journalists, scientists, and even a former Wall Street broker—all of whom are striving to live a...
Chain Reactions
Is it possible to get into college if you’ve never been through the traditional k-12 school system? That’s one of the questions I explore in my new film Self-Taught. 
Why American History Whitewashes Radical Figures
This week's video is about the imperialist practice of whitewashing and revising the histories of radical figures like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Thomas Paine. Why do American history books leave out so much of King's activism? Come find out!
The Sculptured House
A film made by Ayet Alers, documenting the creation of a small natural house, following the process from the start until completion.
Rubber Tires — A Dirty Business
The booming global tire market is worth billions - but this comes at a high price, both to humans and the environment. Over 50 million car tires are sold each year in Germany alone. But where does the natural rubber for them come from?
The War at Home: The Untold History of Class War in the United States
"In a time when many are questioning institutional integrity across society, seeking accurate and relevant information to help make sense of our supposedly post-truth era, Noble shines a spotlight into our dark past while providing a crucial class context often missing or...
Censorship and the Future of the Internet
This week's video is about the limits of the first amendment, corporate control of the internet, and what a future non-corporate online world could look like.
Eco-Warrior Sleeper Cell Awakening with Joanna Macy and the Shambala Warrior Prophecy
Deep ecologist Joanna Macy describes the Shambala Warrior Prophecy from Buddhist Tibet, expressed as a metaphor for inspiration into environmental and humanitarian activism.
What Greed has Done | Chris Hedges
Chris Hedges talks to Bill Moyers about the destruction of America's manufacturing base by American corporations as well as the effect that unfettered and unregulated capitalism has had on the poor and vulnerable. Hedges calls them "sacrifice zones."
HUMAN: The Movie (Director's Cut Version)
What is it that makes us human? Is it that we love, that we fight? That we laugh? Cry? Our curiosity? The quest for discovery? 
The CIA is a Terrorist Organization
The CIA is responsible for some of the worst crimes in modern history. The death toll from the wars and unrest caused by the CIA, not to mention their many outright murders, is staggering. In this episode, we'll take a look at just a few of the many examples of CIA terrorism...
Cult 45 | Chris Hedges
This is a clip from the forthcoming documentary Ecosophia, featuring Chris Hedges and many others.
Battlestar Climatica
"The consumer society - it's hyperindividualism - and hyperindividualism is a form of disempowerment, and they know it. So you get to express your personal identity, while you are being stripped of collective power. And the elites are not going to go without a fight. Look at...
Net Zero Climate Plans, Explained
The past year has seen an explosion in the number of companies announcing they are now “net-zero” or “carbon neutral,” or at least plan to be in the next 30 years. Unilever, Uber, and Facebook are just a few of the recent additions to the club, and even major oil companies...
The Key to Happiness in a Distracted World
What could ancient Greek philosophers tell us about how to live our lives today?
Noam Chomksy "Calls Out" Cancel Culture
Noam Chomsky on what makes Cancel Culture at all unique and why it's a mistake in principle and tactic.
Saving Our Ecovillage
Off-grid with their own food, animals, water, power and waste disposal, a Welsh eco-community try to come up with a plan to save their homes and their future.
The Taoist Story of Robber Zhi and Confucius | SHORT FILM
Equal to the Tao Te Ching is the great Taoist text known as the Zhuangzi, attributed the great sage Zhuangzi. One of the chapters in the Zhuangzi text is the story of Robber Zhi and Confucius. This passage tests our spiritual understanding of Taoism and essentially reveals...
You're Probably Already A Socialist
If you turn on the news today, odds are you'll hear someone use the term "socialism" incorrectly to try to scare you. In this video, I hope to correct the record and explain what socialism really means. - Second Thought
Our Democracy No Longer Represents the People. Here's How We Fix It
Harvard Professor Lawrence Lessig makes the case that our democracy has become corrupt with money, leading to inequality that means only 0.02% of the United States population actually determines who's in power.
Invisible Hand: Who Will Speak For Nature?
From Executive Producer Mark Ruffalo comes the world’s first documentary film on the Rights of Nature Movement, a “Paradigm Shifting” story where the 'Rights of Nature' has become 'capitalism’s one true opponent.'
Expedición Tribugá
"EXPEDICIÓN TRIBUGÁ" is a documentary film that seeks to raise awareness in the world about the importance of conserving one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. The Tribugá Gulf, currently threatened by the construction of what is projected to be Colombia's second...
On Compassion
Would I have done things differently if I were in your shoes? If I were in the totality of your circumstances? When we look into the eyes of "the other" - without looking away - the labels start to come off. The question "What's it like to be you?" is a powerful starting...
People Didn't Win The Election... Wall $treet Did | Ryan Knight
"The new battle in the country & the world is no longer Conservative vs Liberal, it's People vs Oligarchy"
Oligarchs Are Gaming Democracy | George Monbiot
"The oligarchs have discovered the formula for persuading the poor to vote for the interests of the very rich” - George Monbiot
Nowtopia: A Documentary About Economic Alternatives
The term ‘Nowtopia’ is increasingly used by both activists and academics to describe a variety of interconnected tendencies. It can, for instance, apply to seeking freedom outside the confines of wage labour, or the creation of liberated common space in the here and now.
Ten Things You Need to Know to Stop a Coup
We have a president who has openly said he might not respect the outcome of our election. We have to be ready if he claims victory before votes are counted, tries to stop counting, or refuses to accept a loss. Choose Democracy is preparing people for the possibility of a coup...
A Bold Peace: Costa Rica's Path of Demilitarization
70 years ago Costa Rica abolished its army and committed itself to fostering a peaceful society. It has been reaping the benefits ever since.
Biden vs. Trump on Foreign Policy
Who is the better anti-war choice? Abby Martin settles the score. 
Honest Government Ad | Q
The US Government has made an ad about QAnon and it’s surprisingly honest and informative.