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Israel's Genocide Exposed By South Africa's Devastating ICJ Case
"Even if you've been closely following Israel's war crimes, South Africa's legal team provided overwhelming, utterly devastating evidence of genocide against the Palestinian people. I go through the key points and claims here - and why the Israeli state has no leg to stand...
The Burden
The Burden presents the determined voices of those within the military and across the political spectrum who advocate for breaking America’s addiction to fossil fuels as essential to improving our national security.
How Racism Harms White Americans
Distinguished historian John H. Bracey Jr. offers a provocative analysis of the devastating economic, political, and social effects of racism on white Americans. In a departure from analyses of racism that have focused primarily on white power and privilege, Bracey trains his...
Israel is GUILTY of Genocide: Jewish Former South Africa MP, Andrew Feinstein
“Never Again didn’t mean only for Jews, it means Never Again for EVERYONE”
Edward Said: The Myth Of The Clash Of Civilizations
Legendary scholar-activist Edward Said delivers a powerful lecture dismantling the persistent ideological belief that the world is riven by a clash of civilizations between the civilized and enlightened U.S.-led West and the barbaric and backward-looking totalitarian forces...
Complicit: The Dark Realities of China's Electronics Industry
Official reports state that a worker falls victim to toxic chemical poisoning in the manufacturing process every five hours, though the actual toll is suspected to be much higher. Captured discreetly over a span of three years, 'Complicit' chronicles the journey of Yi Yeting...
The Settlers
An intimate look at life inside the Jewish settlements in the West Bank. 
Edward Said: On Orientalism
In this 1998 film based on his paradigm-shifting book, Edward Said excavates and deconstructs deeply rooted Western perceptions of the Middle East as a mysterious land of exotics, villains, and terrorists, and argues that this caricatured cultural heritage continues to blind...
Ecosophia: Ecological Wisdom
Ecosophia means ecological wisdom in Latin and this documentary explores the meta-crisis and interrelation between energy, the laws of thermodynamics, the economy, resources, exponential growth, climate change, population, psychology and degrowth solutions.
Israeli Politician Backs Genocide Investigation - Now They're Trying To Silence Him w/ Ofer Cassif
I'm delighted to interview Ofer Cassif, an Israeli politician of the leftist Hadash party. He has signed a petition backing South Africa's genocide claim against Israel - and he explains why he's done so, the horrors currently enveloping Gaza, the attempt to silence him, the...
BBC's Racism Over Gaza Exposed By Shocking Study
From 7th October 2023, it's been clear that media coverage about Palestinians has been defined by racism: that their lives are considered to have little value. That's not simply an assertion. A detailed study has gone through the BBC's coverage in depth - and it has exposed...
The World's Most Documented Genocide in History
International law is officially dead.
Tech Leader Reveals Industry's Terrifying Pro-Israel Bias
Tech leader Paul Biggar calls out the pro-Israel bias of the industry (and how wrong it feels to go about business as usual while our government is funding a genocide).
How Israel Could Be STOPPED By South Africa - Its Overwhelming Genocide Case Explained
South Africa has filed a case against Israel in the International Court of Justice, accusing it of genocide in Gaza. The 84 page document offers an absolutely terrifying and overwhelming case.
Project 2025: The New Fascist Playbook
You've probably heard there's a new conservative manifesto gaining steam among the far-right. What exactly is Project 2025, and why is it so dangerous?
The Medicated Child
FRONTLINE investigated how a growing number of young children were being prescribed powerful antipsychotic medications that had serious side effects and unknown long-term impacts at the time.
Constructing The Terrorist Threat
In this illustrated 2017 talk, Rutgers University media scholar Deepa Kumar, one of America's foremost experts on Islamophobia, looks at how Arabs and Muslims have become the predominant face of terror in U.S. news and entertainment media -- even though terror attacks by...
The War Around Us
In this powerful 2013 documentary, award-winning filmmaker Abdallah Omeish chronicles the experiences of Al Jazeera's Cairo-born, Arab-American Ayman Mohyeldin and Arab-British Sherine Tadros as they report from Gaza City throughout the devastating assault. With...
How YOU Can Help Stop Israel's Carnage In Gaza - And Support Palestinian Liberation
Many of you feel you have watched the horror of Israel's onslaught against Palestinians in Gaza and felt fury and grief - but helplessness. You may have participated in large demos, tweeted about it, peacefully occupied a train station, yelled at your computer screens and...
Netanyahu Admits To Genocide (Accidentally)
Israel's Netanyahu and Turkey's Erdogan have engaged in a vicious war of words, each accusing the other of mass murder. They're both right about each other - they just don't have a moral leg to stand on. But this spat had an unfortunate consequence for Netanyahu - he just...
“Jesus Would Be Killed in Gaza” Peter Oborne’s Alternative Christmas Message
“Jesus was always on the side of the oppressed”
Palestinian Christian Exposes Israeli Lies And Atrocities
Hammam Farah is a Palestinian Christian based in Toronto - and right now, he faces unimaginable horrors. His family are sheltering in the besieged Holy Church in Gaza - and his relatives have been brutally killed by Israel's onslaught.
Israeli Destruction and Massacres Continue with US Backing | Glenn Greenwald
"During the first six weeks of the war in Gaza, Israel routinely used one of its biggest and most destructive bombs in areas it designated safe for civilians, according to an analysis of video evidence by The New York Times." This is a clip from our show SYSTEM UPDATE, now...
Your Amazon Returns Are Thrown in the TRASH
So-called "free returns” aren’t free at all. In this video, I share the surprising truth about the lies corporations tell you to make you buy more, and what REALLY happens when you send it all back. - Adam
It's Happening (Israel is Using Starvation as a Weapon of War)
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Nonviolent Communication with Marshall Rosenberg: A Brief Introduction
Marshall Rosenberg, PhD effectively mediated conflicts throughout the world for more than 40 years. His method, Nonviolent Communication, has brought together warring factions as diverse as Irish Catholics and Protestants, Rwandan Hutus and Tutsis, Israelis and Palestinians...
Ex-Israeli Advisor Explodes Israel's Official Narrative
Daniel Levy is a former member of Israel's negotiating team, a Middle East analyst, and commentator - and here he uses his expertise to discuss a two state solution, apartheid, the current onslaught - and what the hell happens next.
CNN Discovers Israeli Settlers Are Ethnically Cleansing West Bank
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When Only Love Remains
A conversation with Michal Halev, whose only son was murdered by Hamas on October 7. She tells the story of how she came to call for an end to vengeance.
Lowkey EXPOSES Piers Morgan & Ben Shapiro
The video Piers Morgan & Ben Shapiro don’t want you to see.
I'm Being CENSORED By Facebook Over Palestine | Owen Jones
Human Rights Watch have just done an in-depth report about how Meta is censoring pro-Palestinian voices on Facebook and Instagram. Here I show that I've been 'shadowbanned' on Facebook - and why this is part of a general attempt to silence the few pro-Palestinian voices with...
How We Became the Loneliest Generation
In this deep dive episode, ColdFusion looks at the loneliness epidemic: its origins, causes, and some solutions. 
SUPERCUT: Calling All Establishment Enemies “HITLER!”
This is a clip from Glenn Greenwald's SYSTEM UPDATE, now airing every weeknight at 7pm ET on Rumble. You can watch the full episode for FREE here.
Honest Government Ad | Visit the UK!  (2024 Election)
The British Government has made a tourism ad ahead of the 2024 election, and it’s surprisingly honest and informative.
Israeli Dissidents Expose Genocidal Language
Listen to this. They're not even pretending. 
This Israeli Soldier Fought In Gaza. Now He Speaks Out
Ariel Bernstein is a former IDF combat soldier who fought in Gaza in 2014. Now he campaigns for peace and against the occupation.
The Images from Gaza are Getting Worse | The Listening Post
Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Gaza is being witnessed in real time, with Palestinian civilians broadcasting their own bombardment; Israeli soldiers streaming sadistic acts of humiliation - proof of an historic crime. The question Palestinians are asking - urgently - is whether...
The Problem with Wokeness From a Left Perspective
Identity, which is at the heart of wokeness, is often regarded as the most fundamental thing we have. But clinging too hard to your identity can lead to an emphasis on what makes us different, rather than what we all might have in common. Stylist and cultural commentator...
Inspiring Couple Build the Sustainable Home of Their Dreams (From Start to Finish)
'Strawbale Dream Home' follows the building of a beautiful eco home by wonderful owner builders Adam and Sian in Victoria, Australia. 
The Worst Day in Gaza
The One Speech The World Needs To Hear
Jeremy Scahill: Gaza "Scorched-Earth Campaign" Is a "Joint U.S.-Israeli Operation"
We discuss President Joe Biden's "full support for a scorched-earth campaign" in Gaza with The Intercept's Jeremy Scahill, who says the U.S. is providing "political cover and rushing weapons there and giving support to the most pernicious lies that Israel [is] telling."
Congress’s Witch Hunt Against Palestine Flips Reality: Students Are Trying to Stop a Genocide
The U.S. Congress and elite colleges and universities are flipping reality upside down. Students are protesting to stop a genocide against Palestinians, but are accused of promoting one against Jewish people.
'Biden Could END Gaza War With A Phone Call': Jeremy Scahill Exposes US and Israeli Claims
Jeremy Scahill is one of the top US investigative journalists - a founder of The Intercept and a bestselling author - and here he takes apart Israel's propaganda, the devastating US role in Gaza atrocities, and why Palestine's history matters.
Yanis Varoufakis Tells Me: Gaza Is A Genocide In Plain Sight
Yanis Varoufakis is one of the world’s most important thinkers. Here we discuss Gaza - including the question of genocide, the world order, history - and whether there is any hope at all.
How to Truly Forgive
True forgiveness is a fundamental aspect of a sane world. 👉 Part 2: Listen to the full episode
Chris Hedges: "The Genocide in Gaza"
Best-selling author, foreign correspondent, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges addressed the Middle East crisis with a talk titled "The Genocide in Gaza" on December 6, 2023 at The Sanctuary for Independent Media in North Troy NY.
Marcus Aurelius' Advice if You’re Tired of Life
Marcus Aurelius reminded himself in those very same pages of Meditations the reasons why he was here on this planet, what his nature demanded of him, what his duty was. He carried on and found relief and purpose and even joy in this. No matter who you are or what you’re going...
Civil War And More Slaughter: Israel's Dark Future | Knesset Member Dr. Ofer Cassif
Ofer Cassif is an Israeli Member of Parliament who has been fighting for peace and reconciliation with the Palestinians and their right to return to their homeland. He predicts that Israel is dooming itself not only by committing genocide against the Palestinians and shocking...
Shocking Expose Destroys Israel's Claims
"This is one of the most important revelations since the war began. Journalists at an Israeli-Palestinian media outlet have exposed claims that the Israeli military seeks to avoid civilian casualties - by interviewing those at the heart of the military intelligence...
When two young American Jews raised to unconditionally love Israel witness the brutal way Israel treats Palestinians, their lives take sharp left turns. They join a movement of young American Jews battling the old guard to redefine Judaism’s relationship with Israel...
Why Inequality Is On The Rise
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Record 2,500 Fossil Fuel Lobbyists Descend on COP28 U.N. Climate Summit in Dubai
This year, there are at least 2,456 lobbyists at COP28, the U.N. climate summit in Dubai — nearly four times as many as last year — from companies like Shell, Total and ExxonMobil. The lobbyists outnumber the delegations of every country other than Brazil and the United Arab...
The Vertical Border
Millions of people worldwide are being uprooted from their homes and communities. Central Americans are fleeing from economic precarity, climate disaster as well as state and criminal violence. Most head towards Mexico and the United States in search of a livable life. The...
From The River To The Sea: The Story Behind Palestine's Fight For Freedom
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"Mass Assassination Factory": Israel Using AI to Generate Targets in Gaza, Increasing Civilian Toll
We look at a new report that reveals how Israel is using artificial intelligence to draw up targets in its military assault of Gaza. The report's author, journalist Yuval Abraham, has found that the IDF's increasing use of AI is partly a response to previous operations in...
Henry Kissinger and the Moral Bankruptcy of U.S. Elites
Henry Kissinger is dead at the age of 100. The former U.S. statesman served as national security adviser and secretary of state at the height of the Cold War and wielded influence over U.S. foreign policy for decades afterward.
Palestinian Destroys Gaza Media Coverage
Israel killed 21 members of Ahmed Alnaoulq's family. He doesn’t hold back.
"No Innocent Palestinians?" Here's Why This Rhetoric Is So Dangerous. And Wrong.
"Comparing a state or people with Nazi Germany has a powerful and compelling effect on many people. It achieves the goal of dehumanizing an entire civilian population."