Mar 7, 2020

We Are All One

Love, Peace and the Interconnection of All Life
By Ebrajm /
We Are All One
Forest Ecosystem Harmony

Sharing and helpfulness towards others, whether human, plant, animal, insect, bird, fish, amphibian or reptile, as well as kindness, solidarity, patience, and respectfulness are all expressions on true neighbourly love.


We are all of equal value, and we all strive for peace, freedom, love and harmony. We all respond well to kindness and love. We flourish in times of peace and harmony.


So, work together in peace, cooperate to create something truly great. Make gardens of peace, love, abundance, balance, and beauty. Help oneanother to thrive. Learn from oneanother. The generations to come will thank us for the actions we take now.


The blood of your brothers and sisters is truly the blood of yourself. The suffering of others is your own suffering. Care for oneanother for the love of Creation!


Truly we are One; All connected in Love.

Realize this!

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