Mar 8, 2020


The Overpopulation of Any One Species is Contrary to the Balance of Life
By Ebrajm /

This beautiful jewel of a planet that we, Earth humanity, call home, is in the process of great catastrophic change; change that will well and truly alter the face of the entire world in ways as yet to most people unknown.

Natural planetary evolutionary change & universal cyclical events & time periods are continuous, of creational-natural-order, and completely untouchable by human beings. These are the ironclad creational-universal-laws which govern all life processes in the Universal Consciousness Creation.

On the other hand, we human beings have created & continue to create a disorderly, chaotic & dysfunctional world full of conflict, disharmony, strife, inequality, lack of peace, confusion, deceit, war, destruction of life & imbalance. We no longer recognize the balance of life on earth & we stubbornly march forward on our destructive path into the oblivion of our own making.

As our earlier ancestors knew, all life exists in perfect balance; plants, insects, fungi, mammals, reptiles, beetles, fish, crustaceans, amphibians, microorganisms of all kinds and so on and so on. We have, in a relatively short time, aggressively altered the balanace of all life on Earth by completely ignoring this principle; The principle of BALANCE. All life lives in perfect balance, otherwise nothing would exist.

Why then, do we continue to mindlessly overpopulate our home planet & in the process, totally plunder & destroy the body of the Earth and disrupt & eradicate all the other lifeforms that so perfectly fit into the web of life creating a well functioning, live-giving, diverse & balanced Biosphere.

This truly will not work for us indefinately, and ultimately, if we fail to come to our senses we will eradicate ourselves. As the Natural law states; all life lives in balance to give rise to and mantain stable living conditions for all life.We must realize deeply this law and act accordingly, otherwise we will not last much longer.

Our population must be in harmony with the planet itself; its size, amount of arable land & space, habitat, & requirements of all other lifeforms. It must be many times less than it is now so as not to have a detrimental effect on the planet and all life. This should be clear to people as it is the purest logic.

Sit quietly & realize this pure logic within yourself, think it through, come to the correct conclusions and then speak up about it. The future survival of our species depends upon us recognizing this truth and coming together in peace to act in unison to implement the necessary strategy to reduce our numbers, naturally & humanely, through a simple stoppage of births to allow the natural death rate to surpass the natural birth rate. Then, when our numbers have stabilized and are once again in balance, procreation is continued in a natural, orderly and harmonious way, taking everything else in Nature into consideration.

As our numbers gradually fall, the planet can, where still possible, begin to slowly recover & regenerate.

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