Jan 12, 2024

14 Free Videos To Counter US Media's Dehumanization Of Palestinians

By Media Education Foundation / mediaed.org
14 Free Videos To Counter US Media's Dehumanization Of Palestinians
Photo: Palestinian News Information Agency (Wafa) in contract with APAimages, is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

Over the past two-plus decades, the Media Education Foundation has produced and distributed documentary films, and organized a series of high-profile events and talks, to counter U.S. media narratives that have dehumanized the Palestinian people.

As Israel’s war on Gaza continues, and evidence mounts that these patterns of dehumanization are persisting in U.S. media¹, we've decided to stream fourteen of these films, events, and talks online for free.

Our aim all along has been to widen the mainstream debate and discussion around unconditional U.S. military support for Israel, to give voice to expert analysis and on-the-ground testimony that too often get silenced and excluded in American media, and to interrogate how dominant news and entertainment media narratives have shaped our understanding of the Middle East over time.

No matter where you stand personally or politically on issues related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, we hope you'll check out the films and events below. 


View All 14 Films @ Mediaed.org


(1) “Hundreds of journalists sign letter protesting coverage of Israel,” by Laura Wagner and Will Sommer, Washington Post, Nov. 9, 2023. (Washington Post gift link)
“‘Massacred’ vs ‘Left to Die’: Documenting Media Bias Against Palestinians Oct 7 - Nov 7,” The Column, Nov. 15, 2023.
“CNN Runs Gaza Coverage Past Jerusalem Team Operating Under Shadow of IDF Censor,” by Daniel Boguslaw, The Intercept, January 4, 2024. 
“Coverage of Gaza War in the New York Times and Other Major Newspapers Heavily Favored Israel, Analysis Shows,” by Adam Johnson and Othman Ali, The Intercept, January 9, 2024.

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