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Uganda Rising (2006)

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The scramble for Africa never ended, it was renewed, renamed and redefined by the White supremacist power structure. The exploitation of Africa, its inhabitants, animals, flora and mineral resources has been carefully crafted, designed and implemented by western(White) governments and corporations. The scramble for Africa now includes other nations like China, India and Korea as well as Indonesia. The presence, influence and atrocities of Arabs against Africans can not be neglected in mentioning as well .It must be remembered that Arabs are not indigenous to Africa but are invaders who have material, strategic, military and other vested interests in Africa.

The legacy of slavery and colonialism that Africans were subjected to by Europeans and Arabs has not left Africa, but is heavily entrenched and etched into the African mind state and thus culture of Africans on the continent and in the diaspora. The ghost of slavery and colonialism will haunt Africans until Africans themselves stop believing and trusting foreigners and begin to be self reliant.

All the (Black) Governments of Africa have been co-opted by foreigners and their interests. These co-conspirators of the foreign powers that help oppress, rape and commit genocide against African peoples are the same type of peoples that allowed for slavery and colonialism to occur. A remedy for these types of people must be found.

All religions that are not indigenous to Africans have proved to be pitfalls and hurdles to true African liberation, the chief factor being that it was the oppressors of Africans that instilled these religious, moral, value and belief systems into Africans in order to oppress them in the first place. Oppression and persecution are hard but escapism through religion will not end the oppression, it merely anesthetizes the victim of oppression but the oppression still continues unabated.

The future for Africans at home and in the diaspora is bleak, genocide of Africans in the 21 century will rise to unimaginable levels. It is up to every single African alive to ensure that this does not become a reality. The African masses must fight off all despots and those who betray and compromise the African cause for personal advancement or acceptance by foreigners.

Even in this documentary the language used to describe the horrors and terrorism inflicted upon African people is sanitized and toned down. The western (white) media will not report the real facts or truths but have governmental constraints, agendas and biases.

Ignorance is not bliss, ignorance will get you oppressed, persecuted and killed. Time is running out my fellow Africans, oppression, persecution and genocide of our people will continue until we refuse to tolerant them, remember its liberation or death.

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