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Tough Talk: Season 1, A Series About Men's Mental Health (trailer)


Tough Talk is a documentary series created to reduce the stigma surrounding men's mental health. Sam O'Sullivan is a Kiwi psychologist who gets off the beaten track and travels in his van around his home country of New Zealand to film conversations with everyday men about their stories. He has conversations about their challenges, intending to show it's normal to struggle with our mental health. He also discovers what tools they use to take care of their own mental health.

Sam also creates free tools for the community to use for their own mental health.

Therapy can be expensive and inaccessible, so one of our mission's is to make free tools for the community. Tough Talk created a free online course called the Focus Toolkit. It's an online therapeutic course that teaches you to apply mindfulness and psychological tools in your everyday life.

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Everything Tough Talk offers is free and done on a minimal budget. We are supporters of the gift economy. We need your support to keep our content free for the community.

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We appreciate your support! Season 2 will be coming out soon. 


The Tough Talk team
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